10 Best Shoes Under 2000 for Men in India

The first thing people notice about you is your shoes. Shoes will make or break your look. They are an essential part of the men’s wardrobe. Having a shoe that goes perfectly with your dress will enhance your personality and draw people’s attention towards you. Whether you are going on a date night or a formal party, a pair of good shoes is necessary.

A comfortable pair of shoes will keep your feet protected while boosting your fashion quotient. The primary job of a shoe is to make the task of walking more comfortable. People may choose a shoe based on two important considerations — style of comfort. Footwear for men used to be simple until some designers introduced a plethora of variations in men’s shoes.

Best Shoes Under 2000

The continuous changes in fashion, coupled with improved technology, have offered a wide range of options for men’s footwear. Finding the right pair of shoes can be challenging, given the extensive range of options. We have listed the top 10 best shoes for men within the price range of 2000.

1. Adidas HYPERON M Men's Running Shoes

Adidas Men HYPERON M Carbon/RAWGRE Running Shoes-11 UK/India (46 EU) (CK9514_11)

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Running shoes are an essential item for all men across the globe. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Adidas is a famous brand in the segment of running shoes. The Adidas Hyperon M is a steal for men who want something affordable yet branded. The versatile look and comfort of this shoe allow it to be worn on multiple occasions.


  • It is perfect for everyday use and running
  • You can wear these shoes at a casual party, morning walks, or gym
  • These shoes are ideal for people of all age, including aged men who crave great comfort


  • You regularly need to deodorize it
  • The shoes are not that durable

2. Puma Voyager IDP Men's Running Shoes

Puma Men Voyager IDP Peacoat-Limepunch- White 6 UK

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Puma introduces another star product in their range of running shoes. The Voyager IDP shoe comes with a sleek design with incredible performance-boosting features. The mesh knitted upper has an airy structure to keep your feet fresh while controlling odor. It is specially designed for athletes who want a better grip and comfort while running.


  • The highly durable material offers excellent comfort, longevity, and style
  • The rubber sole maintains the tenacity to withstand strong intensity traction
  • The shoe material will boost your bounce
  • It comes with a full tab in the collar of the heel to deliver a more snug fit


  • It comes with a simple sole, which may not be fit for athletes


Nike Liteforce III Men’s Sneakers are ideal for casual outings, everyday wear, or date look. The lace-up design and comfortable material built will go with all your outfits except the formal dress. Whether you are going for a run or to a casual event, this sneaker from Nike is your perfect match.


  • It comes with great functionality, durability, and style
  • It is perfect for people looking for a sport-specific footwear
  • It serves as everyday wear and keeps your feet comfortable at all times
  • It is specifically designed to meet the demands of universal athletes


  • The sole is not thick enough to last long

4. Reebok Emergo Runner Lp Men's Running Shoes

Reebok Men's Emergo Runner Lp Blk/Flat Grey/Red Rush Running Shoes-7 UK (8 US) (FV8864)

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Reebok is a known name in the industry of men’s shoes. The Reebok Emergo Runner shoe is ideal for athletes or people looking for comfortable footwear. It comes with a 90 days warranty to offer greater value for money. It has a round toe structure to keep your toe safe and secured. The outer material is synthetic, making it perfect for everyday use. You can wear it during the monsoon and wash off the dirt later.


  • It has a stylish upper execution to boost your fashion quotient
  • It comes with two types of mesh design and pop accent structure
  • The heel stability component of the Reebok Emergo Runner shoe is commendable
  • It is incredibly lightweight and sleek


  • The fit is tight. It is recommended to go for a size up.

5. Red Tape Rte 1735 Men's Sneakers

Red Tape Men's Rte1735 White Sneakers-10 UK (RTE1735-10)

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A pair of comfortable white sneakers are a must for every man. They go well with all outfits and can set the mood of your look. Red Tape Rte 1735 is a classic white sneaker that will make heads turn wherever you go. The synthetic leather built and lace-up closure delivers a simple yet stylish look. It has a warranty period of 90 days and a flat heel type to protect your feet.


  • These white canvas shoes from Red Tape is incredibly sturdy yet stylish
  • The rubber sole finish and synthetic PU leather will rock all causal events
  • It will go well with all types of chinos or jeans
  • It is durable and lightweight


  • It requires high maintenance and care

6. Mactree Flexible Stitched Formal Men Shoe

MACTREE Men Flexible-Stitched Sole Premium Formal Shoes for Men D-K10 Brown-Tan_9

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Looking for a formal shoe that boasts of a great fashion statement yet affordable? Mactree brings a formal shoe that will go with all your formal outfits to enhance your look. The sole is made of polyurethane foam to offer generous support and durability. The shoe comes with a premium PU upper built and sturdy construction.


  • The flexible sole is delicately stitched to the upper to offer a sleek design
  • It comes with a textured TPR outsole and cushioned footbed to deliver utmost comfort
  • It is ideal for party, formal and everyday wear


  • The color may vary from the picture

7. Bata Men's Oxford Formal Shoes

BATA Men's Fromal Lace-up Shoe (8UK/India (42EU), Tan)

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Elevate your fashion quotient with this incredibly classy pair of Oxford shoes from Bata. It offers exceptional comfort with a sleek contemporary design. Give an upgrade to your quintessential dressing with this classic pair from Bata. The rubber sole is comfortable and fluffy to offer optimum support. It is ideal for formal wear and can change your look from drab to fab.


  • It goes with bright colored formal pieces
  • The rubber sole offers great grip and comfort
  • The shoes are rugged and ideal for those who need to wear a shoe for long hours


  • The color may fade quickly

8. Bata Black Formal Shoe for Men

BATA Men's Black Synthetic Formal Slip On Shoes 851-6317-40

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Bata brings another star product in the range of formal shoes. A black formal shoe is a must for acing your formal look. A black shoe goes well with all outfits and revamps your whole look.


  • It comes with a slip-on structure, which is perfect for days when you are running late
  • The man-made sole offers great support and comfort
  • The synthetic built is perfect for everyday use


  • It has less lifespan compared to other premium shoes

9. Metro Leather Loafers for Men

Metro Men Tan Leather Loafers 6-UK (40 EU) (19-5549)

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Metro is a household name that is synonymous with skilled craftsmanship and unmatched quality. Metro shoes are high-fashion products and a must-have for all men across India. Leather shoes are a classic addition to your collection of shoes. A pair of leather shoes can bring life to the simplest of outfits. Whether you are heading out for a formal event or a wedding night, these shoes are your ideal companion.


  • The quality material and trendy design offers great value for money
  • The footwear goes well with all outfits and suits your personality
  • The thermoplastic rubber sole and outer leather fabric offers commendable durability


  • It needs proper protection from dampness and dirt
  • The sole is relatively thin

10. Levi's Venice Beach Low Loafers for Men

Levi's Men Venice Beach Low Grey Loafers-8 UK/India (42)(9 US) (77127-4663)

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Levi’s shoes are well known for their incredible comfort and convenience. These shoes are perfect for regular use and protect your feet against all injuries. Every man must own one pair of the Levi’s Venice Beach Low Loafers. These shoes are quite affordable yet offer incredible performance. These loafers are perfect for men of all ages.


  • The shoes are incredibly durable and great for people who want muted colors
  • It is made of breathable fabric and perfect for long term use
  • It offers excellent comfort due to its cushiony inner fabric
  • These shoes are extremely rugged, which eliminates the chances of scratches


  • It can get quickly faded
  • It is recommended to buy a larger size as the fit is a bit tight

Things to Consider Before Buying a Men’s Shoe Under 2000

Before buying the right pairs of shoes, you need to consider some essential factors. Most men hardly think before purchasing a pair of shoes. The ideal shoe will have a high level of both comfort and style. Before jumping to the cheapest product, you should consider the following.


Buying a new pair of shoes equals an investment. If you lower the quality of your shoes, it will wear out soon. Purchasing a cheap pair of shoes may seem cost-effective in the short run, but you will end up replacing them soon. It will cost you more than buying a decent pair in the first place.

You will find many well-designed shoes under the range of 2000. You will be able to use them for several years by indulging in proper maintenance. Choosing a high-quality, branded shoe will save you from making repeated purchases. Sneakers are the perfect pair of shoes if you are looking for something affordable yet stylish.

The Right Color

Finding the right color can be challenging when it comes to shoes. If you want a shoe that goes with all outfits, then a neutral color like black, brown, or white will be perfect. However, if you have a particular outfit in mind, buy shoes that complement the look. The general rule while purchasing a shoe is opting for a dark or similar color that matches your trouser.

If you wear jeans more than formal trousers, it will be perfect to opt for darker tones. However, your wardrobe must have a pair of black or white shoes. Brown and black tones are ideal for formal wear. White sneakers are perfect for casual wear, whereas darker shades go well with most casual outfits.

Shoes for Casual Occasion

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to casual shoes for men. Look for a shoe that offers a high level of style with a perfect blend of comfort. Your shoe must match the occasion. Accessories like tassels and buckles on shoes are generally associated with formal outfits. If you want a casual pair go for heavier stitches and rugged looks.

Shoes for a Formal Look

Formal shoes must have a shiny feel to them to highlight your looks. However, there are many formal shoes without the glossy touch for people who want something more muted. Formal shoes usually come in synthetic, foam, or leather material.

You can choose from various heels sizes and toe types. Make sure that the color of your shoes is darker than that of your trousers. If you decide to wear a belt, then choose a shoe that goes with the color of your belt.

The material of the Shoe

The essential feature of a shoe is not the design or pattern but the built material. Best quality shoes are made of leather, suede, synthetics, foam, textiles, or rubber. Leather shoes are sturdy, flexible, and durable, but they are on the expensive side. The fabric material is ideal for loafers or canvas shoes. They are perfect for people who want a breathable and comfortable material.

PU leather or synthetics are affordable but less lasting than textile and leather ones. Rubber is mostly used in the sole of shoes. They are more prevalent in running or sport shoes. Foam is another common material user in the upper layer of shoes. Foam and synthetic shoes are ideal for people who want something inexpensive yet trendy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find the perfect fit while buying shoes?

Measure your feet with a measuring tape to find the right fit. If you have broad feet, try to stay away from leaner shoe types. Go for wide toed ones as they will offer sufficient space for your feet to breathe. There must be adequate space between the big toe of your feet and the side of the shoe.

2. Which material is perfect for formal shoes?

If you want a premium formal pair of shoes, then opt for materials like suede or leather. However, if you want a formal shoe for daily use, then go for a synthetic build. A good quality leather shoe offers firm support yet supple comfort. However, leather or suede shoes are not meant for regular wear.

3. How do I maintain my shoes?

If you buy a leather shoe, you need to clean with a leather shampoo or cleaner. For casual or synthetic shoes, use a top-quality brush to remove all surface dirt. If you wash your shoes, make sure to air dry them. You should always dry your shoes at room temperature. Use a deodorizing solution to eliminate all dampness and odor.

4. How to find the most comfortable pair of shoes?

The comfortable pair of shoes will hold your feet properly without the slightest hint of discomfort. Your shoe must not be too tight or too loose on your feet. There must be sufficient space between the shoe and your toes. The material of the shoe must be soft and cushiony.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the ideal pair of shoes is more than finding the most stylish or cheapest product. Your shoe must be comfortable and fit you perfectly. Buying the wrong shoe can hurt your feet over time. Good shoes last long and keep your feet protected. It is recommended to go for a high-quality shoe with the perfect blend of design and comfort.

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