Best Casual Shoes Under 1000 in 2022

Whenever it comes to appearance, you cannot ignore shoes. After all, casual shoes are essential in making an excellent first impression.  It’s because casual shoes are suited for a number of occasions. You can wear these shoes at marriages, parties, college or even at work. If you want to make the best of your casual shoes, you need to choose the best.

Not every shoe available online is worth it. So, you need to look carefully. However, we have sorted a list of the best casual shoes under Rs. 1000 from renowned brands like Sparx, Centrino, Bourge, etc.

Best Casual Shoes Under 1000

You can walk through the description and decide which one’s best for you. For your information, we’ve crafted a buying guide that will help you make an informed decision. If you’re unable to decide, you can always refer to the buying guide.

1) Sparx Men's Sd0439g Sneakers

Sparx Men's White Sneakers-8 UK (SD0439G_WHWH0008)

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Sparx is a famous Indian brand which is growing faster than ever. It produces one of the best and most trendy casual shoes here in India. The Sparx Men’s Sneakers style=”font-weight: 400;”> is one fine-casual shoe, which is a great budget shoe under Rs. 1000. The Sparx Men’s Sneaker is a lace-up shoe available in dazzling white color. It comes with a mesh that helps the air to pass through, and the EVA sole brings in additional durability.

It means the shoe can last for a pretty long time without much wear and tear. Its white color is what makes this shoe unique. You can wear them at your college or parties. The shoe weighs only 500 grams, which makes it pretty comfortable to wear for long hours. The best thing is you can use it as a Slip-on variant if you do not pull out the laces.


  • Light in weight
  • Durable, Long-Lasting & Comfortable
  • Breathable Mesh material and EVA sole


  • Comes in a white color, which may be hard to keep clean

2) Lotto Men Vertigo

Lotto Men's Vertigo Black Running Shoes - 9 UK/India(43.33 EU)(AR4840-010)

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Lotto is an Italian brand that is widely trusted here in India. The company offers the right blend of technology and advanced design, which makes its shoes people’s favorite. Lotto Men Vertigo is a stylish casual shoe article by Lotto available under Rs. 1000. The Lotto Men Vertigo is available in three colors viz. blue, black, and white. The upper material is mesh, which makes it fantastic sportswear.

And the sole’s made of synthetic material that helps in increasing the durability. One fantastic feature which comes along with this shoe is a 90-day warranty against any manufacturing defects. Also, it weighs about 350 grams. And, this feels like you’re wearing nothing. So, you can wear them for long journeys or hours. Make sure to de-odorize the shoes after regular intervals and use a shoe cover to save it from mildew.


  • Available in three color variants
  • It comes with an upper mesh material with a synthetic sole
  • Super light in weight & suited for regular use


  • Allover lightweight and mesh makes it prone to easy damage

3) Lotto Men's Sneakers

Lotto Men Atlanta Neo Dark Grey/White Sneakers-9 UK/India (43 EU) (8907181795935)

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Here’s another people’s favorite causal shoe by Lotto. Lotto Men’s canvas sneaker is a perfect choice for who need a sturdy shoe for multiple occasions. This shoe is available in two amazing colors, i.e., Black and White. Both these variants come with an attractive finish, which makes it an irresistible shoe. The upper material is a fusion of excellent fabric placed over the mesh. And, the sole is made of synthetic.

It means the shoe is strongly built to last for a long. It commonly comes under the category of casual shoes and weighs somewhere around 400 grams. So, it’ll be comfortable for long hours. You can also find a 30-day manufacture warranty against manufacturing defects, which is again a cool feature. The maintenance is easy. You need to regularly de-odorize your shoes to help maintain its natural shape.


  • Sturdy and can easily withstand wear and tear
  • Light in weight and suitable for long hours
  • Available in two color options
  • Easy to maintain


  • You may have to go for a size larger to fit properly

4) Gliders (From Liberty) Men's Loafers

Liberty Men's GOLF Black Casual shoes-5 UK (38 EU) (8126044100)

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Liberty is another Indian brand known to deliver the best sports, casual, and party wear shoes for men and women. It produces stylish casual shoes for men, which are affordable too. One such example is the Gliders Men’s Moccasins. It is available in black color and are made of EVA material. Where black color adds grace to the shoe, the EVA sole and upper material add in durability.

It’s a very famous article among young people and falls in the category or slip-on shoes. The weight is optimum and falls somewhere around 390 grams, which is appropriate for all. However, the unique design and comfortable inner material make it easy to wear. So, you can use it for a long. It comes with a common manufacturer warranty to help you in case of manufacturing defects.


  • The shoe has a Unique Design
  • It’s sturdy enough to last for long
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty


  • Gets dirty easily

5) Fila Men's Cheris Sneakers

Fila Men Cheris Black/White Sneakers-10 UK (44 EU) (11 US) (11008057)

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Here comes an international sports brand known as Fila. Fila has its roots in Italy and is known to present unique and praiseworthy sports and casual shoes for men. You can see for yourself in the Fila Men’s Cheris Sneakers. It’s a cool choice for youngsters who like to party a lot. The Fila Men’s Cheris Sneakers (Black) is quite an attractive pair of shoes that come with an upper rubber material. Rubber makes it both flexible and long-lasting.

So, you can wear it for your sports events. And the stylish finishing makes it suitable for parties and other casual events. The sneaker has an optimum weight, which makes it a perfect choice for multiple occasions. It comes with a round toe and a lace-up closure. You can also find a 90-day manufacturer warranty which covers you against any manufacturing defects with your shoes.


  • It’s very Stylish
  • It comes with a Rubber Upper material
  • Comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty 


  • You may have to try different variants or sizes to find the one that fits your feet

6) Sparx Men's Canvas Sneakers

Sparx Men's SC0162G Black Sneakers 10 (SC0162GBKBK0010)

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Sparx never fails to surprise people with its unique yet durable shoes. Here’s another amazing causal shoe for men under Rs. 1000 by Sparx. The Sparx-canvas sneaker is a great choice for people who want a partywear article. The Sparx Shoe comes with a slip-on closure, which makes it unique. The upper material is a canvas fabric that offers a unique appearance, and the sole is made from Rubberized EVA.

So, it’s an attractive and durable shoe by Sparx. The weight, however, is very light. It weighs around 400 grams in total. If you’re used to wearing shoes of this weight, it’s a perfect shoe under Rs. 1000. You can avail of a 60-day manufacturer warranty to help you cover manufacturing defects.


  • It offers a Unique Design
  • Sleek look
  • Strong Sole


  • The canvas design makes it quite less durable for sports use

7) Campus Men's Oxyfit Running Shoes

Campus Men's Oxyfit Blk/D.Gry Running Shoes-10 UK/India (44 EU) (CG-02-BLK/D.GRY-10)

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The Campus is a renowned Indian casual and sports shoes manufacturer. You can find numerous shoes suited for various occasions. But today, we’ll talk about the Campus Men’s Oxyfit Running Shoes. The Campus Men’s Oxyfit Running Shoe is an amazing Slip-on variant that is available in four beautiful colors. It comes with a breathable mesh and rubber sole. So, you can expect a flexible and long-lasting casual shoe variant from Campus.

It fits perfectly and gives a sock-like fitting comfort. Moreover, the sole is specially designed to deliver a cushioning effect to your feet. So, you can wear it for a pretty long time without feeling much. It weighs around 900 grams and less bulky as compared to other variants. If you need comfortable shoes for a long, this is what you should go for. It even comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. So, you need not stress about any manufacturing defects.


  • It comes with a Slip-on Closure
  • Super comfortable sole with cushioning effect
  • It comes with a manufacturer warranty


  • You may find it quite heavy or bulky if you are not used to wearing shoes lying in this category

8) Sparx Men Casual Sneaker

Sparx Men's GreyMint Sneakers-7 UK (Sc0322g)

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Here’s another reliable sneaker from Sparx. Sparx, as you may know, deals in a wide range of casual and sports shoe wear. Sparx Men’s BKGY Sneakers is a perfect example that portrays Sparx’s shoes’ quality and demand. The Sparx Men’s BKGY Sneaker comes with a rubber sole and upper canvas materials. It’s a unique combination of durability and style. The sneaker offers an open-toe toe style, which sets it apart from other variants. It’s suitable for both parties and regular use.

It weighs around 450 grams, which makes it pretty easy to wear for long durations. The overall feel is soft, and it offers a sock-like fitting on wearing. You can also feel a cushioning effect, which removes the worry of any pain or fatigue after extended use. Also, it comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty to cover you against any defects related to manufacturing.


  • It offers a cushioning effect to the feet
  • The overall feel is quite soft
  • The sneakers are light in weight


  • People who are not used to wearing sneakers may feel a bit uncomfortable after long usage.

9) Bourge Men's Run Shoes

Bourge Men Vega-z5 Grey Running Shoes-10 UK (44 EU) (11 US) (Vega-6-10)

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Bourge is a local Indian brand that garners lots of positive reviews from people of all ages. Not only youngsters but adults prefer this brand for comfortable shoes. Bourge Men’s Vega-6 Running Shoe is a fine product from Bourge. It is available in an attractive grey color with a round toe. It comes with an Eva bounce back sole and a mesh outer material.

The Eva bounce back sole makes it a perfect option for both casual occasions and sports events. And the mesh lets through the air to prevent sweating. This article weighs only 238 grams, which is a revolutionary weight in this segment. You won’t feel anything if after extended usage. It’s a slip-on variant that has a foam within to provide you comfort and a cushioning effect during use. It comes with a Manufacturer’s warranty for 60 days.


  • Slip-on the shoe is easy to wear and comes with a cushioning foam
  • Its very lightweight and suited for extended usage
  • Comes with manufacture warranty


  • It offers a sock-like fitting and is not suited for those who don’t like skin-tight shoes

10) Fila Men's Light Sneakers

Fila Men Bright Black Sneakers-8 UK (42 EU) (7 US) (11008121)

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This is an attractive pair of sneakers by the international brand Fila. People love this brand and its products due to the amazing variety and affordable nature. Fila Men’s Bright Sneakers perfectly fit in this category. The Fila Men’s Bright Sneakers come with a rubber sole and outer canvas-like material.

It has a lace-up enclosure and is available in four bright colors. It offers a flat heel with rounded toes and is suited for casual use. The pair weighs around 770 grams, which are optimum for most users. Also, you can get the manufacturer’s warranty with this pair of 60 days. All in all, it’s a great choice for casual use.


  • Amazing color Options
  • The rubber sole offers flexibility
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • The flat heel design might seem uncomfortable to some users.

Buying Guide for Best Casual Shoes Under 1000

To complement your best outfit, you need a perfect pair of casual shoes, right? And for that, here is everything you need to know. Comfortable shoes not only keep your feet and body happy but also makes you feel confident and look stylish. Moreover, your clothes and shoes reflect our personality to a great extent. So, picking up the right kind of footwear is, of course, very important. There are a few points you should keep in mind.

1- Do Not Compromise Quality

Good quality casual shoes can come out to be a return on the investment. In our day-to-day life, we need casual footwear while traveling, gyming, etc. clearly, we can’t afford daily wear and tear. So, it is best to choose the right pair in the first place.

2- Lightweight and Comfort

While buying casual shoes, make sure they are light in weight and easy to carry. Otherwise, you may suffer feet ache. There is one more thing that matters a lot is your proper fit. Buying a loose pair or the one which is too tight can affect your walking style and body posture.

So, choose your proper size by carefully looking at the size chart provided by different brands. There is always a short description of the product material; just go through that once. This would help you know the elasticity and stretchability of your footwear.

3- Look for Good Reviews

If you want to make an informed buying decision, go for customer reviews. It’s the best way to know about the loopholes and positive points about casual footwear. You can determine whether or not the footwear deserves your investment.

You can also find how the pair looks like in reality. It’s important because sometimes, the real product varies from the one you see online. So, it’s essential that you keep in mind checking for reviews before making a purchase.

4- Trend and Style

Any trend or fashion often lasts less than a season. So, it is always good to buy a classic one. Sneakers and lace-up shoes are the perfect casual shoes. They are available in an attractive variety of colors, light and dark shades at a price less than 1000. Also, they go well with many outfits giving an aesthetic appearance.

Men usually love to pair lace-up shoes with slim-fit pants and jeans. You can choose the desired color and price of different brands online.

5- Return and Exchange Policy

Companies offer exchange and return services on the product. Imagine you ordered a size larger than your fit. In spite of regretting it, just read the terms and conditions whether you can get an exchange in 7 days or a month. And reach out to them. This would be more or less satisfying. 

For any purchase, you must know the proper guidelines, so that decision making becomes easy. Do not wait to team up your comfort with style. Find your favorite casual footwear and flaunt them around your city.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the shoe last?

Well, longevity depends entirely on the material you choose and the quality of the product. So, it is essential to know the type of material used. Also, make sure whether the product is waterproof or not so that you don’t suffer in rainy seasons. 

What’s the perfect size for me?

Just have a look at the available size chart. Measure your foot length and check out the dimensions on the chart. If there are some instructions for ordering a larger size than your fit. Then follow the same.

Are casual footwears washable?

Casual shoes are meant to be worn in our day to day activities. So, they are generally washable and waterproof. But one should avoid machine washing to keep them in a better state for long.

What if I find a defect in the shoe?

If you are not satisfied with the product and the service, you should visit the return and exchange page to get the required information. If possible, you can request an exchange or return of the product.

Where can I wear casual shoes?

Now, this depends entirely upon you. Casual shoes or footwear, as the name suggests, are suitable for wide applications. You can wear it to your college, common occasions, events or even at parties. It also depends on what type of casual footwear you choose.   

Does the sole quality matter?

Well, yes, and in every manner. Sole forms the base of your shoe, so make sure it’s perfect. It should neither be too tough nor too soft. So, you’ve to choose accordingly. You can go for a rubber or EVA sole, which provides perfect comfort even after an extended period of use.

What is the perfect upper material for casual shoes?

If you’re going to wear it all day long, go for the mesh. It’s because this material has tiny pores that let the air pass through. It creates a healthy environment within the shoe and prevents sweating. And, it helps you wear the shoes comfortably for a long interval.

If you want casual footwear for parties or functions, you can go for leather, canvas, or any other attractive material. It’s because the mesh is only required when you have to wear shoes all day long. So, it depends on your requirements.

Is it safe to run or jump in casual shoes?

If the product’s quality is good, it would be safe to run or walk long distances. Make sure the sole and build quality of your shoes is tough and durable. If your shoes are durable and come with a strong sole, yes, you can jump and run wearing them. 

If you live somewhere in a cold region, you can choose a pair of casual boots for you. This will make your winters pass smoothly and warmly.


We’re now done with our list of the best casual shoes for men under Rs. 1000. Speaking of casual shoes, you can not imagine a life without them. After all, there are so many occasions where an attractive pair of casual shoes is quite essential.

However, you can now make a good impression by choosing any one of the above casual shoes as per your requirement. You should consider several factors like comfort, enclosure type, sole material, durability, etc. before making an informed decision.

If you’re confused and unable to decide, refer to the buying guide in this article. You can use the buying guide and select the shoe which seems perfect in all terms. This way, you won’t regret buying casual shoes ever.  So, go through the information and make the perfect decision.

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