Top Casual Shoes Under 2000 in India

We are living in a time where your shoe game should be stronger than other men in order to stand out in a crowd. We say this because of A. You have a better chance of making a good impression and B. You have an opportunity to show your personal style and taste. 

With that in mind, there are multiple shoe options that will fit in different scenarios, however, in a country like India we men like to rock a pair of casual shoes and there is no debate why we shouldn’t. A good pair of casual shoes will not only offer you style and comfort but it also adds a bit of convenience if you have a busy lifestyle. 

Best Casual Shoes Under 2000

To make things more convenient and save you a lot of money we decided to make a list of the top 10 casual shoes that you can buy at a very affordable price, to be specific, let’s say under two thousand rupee.  In addition to that, you will also get a brief buying guide for casual shoes that will come in handy for your shopping. 

1) Campus North Running Shoes

Campus Men's North Full Blk Running Shoes-10 UK (44 EU) (5G-677)

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Campus North Running Shoes comes with a very attractive design and will look great on joggers and track pants. The shoe is quite lightweight and is designed to fit in the feet to ensure stability and provide safety. As you will wear this casual shoe for hours, Campus makes sure your feet remain impact-free and for that, the brand uses high-quality cushioning. This pair of shoes are available in different colors and various sizes. 


  • It comes with a very attractive look
  • The phylon sole is quite thick and will absorb all impact. 
  • It is quite light in weight. 
  • It comes in various sizes and color designs. 
  • One of the most comfortable athletic shoes. 


  • Some users have reported that the grip is not quite expected. 
  • The higher sole of the shoe can be an issue for some people. 

2) Louis Stitch Loafer

LOUIS STITCH Men Green Italian Suede Leather Loafers for Man (Prague SU) - 6 UK

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This men’s loafer is one of the best selling shoes in the market. The brand claims to use the world’s finest genuine suede leather. The stitches on the top are extremely robust and will not come loose. 

It comes with a TPR sole that provides superior grip and comfort. The brand is concerned about their product so they will check the shoe’s quality multiple times before sending it to you. 


  • It is made of genuine Italian suede leather. 
  • The TPR sole is strong and will last long. 
  • The shoe is available in seven different colors and various sizes.
  • The brand gives a 6-month warranty. 


  • The sole of the shoe may be slippery

3) Red Tape Classic Sneakers

Red Tape Men Classic Olive Sneakers-11 UK (45 EU) (RTS11356)

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If you want to take your style through the roof then this classic sneaker can help you achieve that. This sleek sneaker comes in two colors olive and navy and both will look dynamite on denim jeans. 

The top outer material of this shoe is made of high-quality synthetic that will give durability and will not lose its form. The sole is quite unique and will definitely provide good friction. 


  • The shoe is made of high-quality synthetic material 
  • It has very comfortable inner pads. 
  • The round style toe of the shoe makes it undisputed. 
  • The sole of the shoe is quite thick and of good quality. 
  • It comes from a very reputed brand. 


  • It has limited color options.  
  • The brand should have used stitches rather than gluing the sole. 
  • It could have been more durable. 

4) Sparx SC0620G Sneakers

Sparx Men's SM-620 Black Red Sneaker-UK 6 (SC0620G_BKRD0006)

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This is one of the best high top sneakers in the market from a well-known brand. It comes in three different colors – black, dark olive, and grey. This high-top sneaker has a very high-quality canvas on the top and attached with rubber as sole material. It is not only stylish and comfortable but you will also get the brand’s support. 


  • It comes from a very reputed brand. 
  • Exclusive high-top casual shoe at an affordable price. 
  • High-grade rubber on the sole increases the lifespan of the shoe. 
  • You get a strap and stylish logo printed on the backside. 


  • Overall finishing could have been better.
  • It may not have the most comfortable padding.

5) Sparx SM-461 Casual Shoes

Sparx Men's Black Grey Sneakers-10 UK (SC0461G_BKGY0010)

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Another great casual shoe from Sparx but this time it is a low top shoe with four different color combinations. The highlight of the shoe has to be the Mesh as upper material that not only provides a stylish look but also improves breathability. 

The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole of this shoe provides comfort and absorbs impact. The heel of this shoe has a very soft padding that will help you on a long tour. 


  • Mesh upper lining makes it unique and breathable.
  • EVA sole is quite robust and non-slippery. 
  • They are one of the best classic casual shoes. 
  • This pair of shoes is a value for money. 
  • The comfort level provided by this shoe is unmatchable. 


  • The design of this shoe could have been a bit more stylish. 

6) Campus California Running Shoes

Campus Men's California D.RED/BLK/SIL Running Shoes -6 UK/India

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A list of casual shoes will not be completed if Campus California Running Shoes is not mentioned. This extremely stylish sports footwear is not only meant to flaunt your style in the gym but at parties and afternoon walks too! 

The upper is made of Mesh and strongly glued with Phylon sole providing a good combination of breathability and durability respectively. They are super lightweight and have air-suspension at the heel. 


  • They are available in different colors and sizes. 
  • Mesh upper allows breathability and keeps the feet fresh and dry. 
  • Air suspension on heel absorbs impact. 
  • Phylon sole offers great comfort.
  • It is a value for money item. 


  • Some users have issues with the shoe fit and size. 
  • The long heel may not be comfortable for everyone. 

7) Lotto Men's Phoenix

Lotto Men's Phoenix Lt Dk Navy Tennis Shoes-8 UK/India (42 EU) (8907181769929)

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This may look like sporty or athletic shoes but could be worn for parties and casual walks too. The highlighting features of this stylish shoe are – lightweight, synthetic sole with sporty designs, Mesh material on top, and brand’s logo color. 

The inner padding of the shoe is soft, comfortable, and allows air to pass keeping the inner space dry and odorless. It comes in two different colors and various sizes. 


  • This pair of shoes is extremely lightweight. 
  • Mesh top allows breathability and keeps the feet dry. 
  • It is suitable for long hikes, tours, and other outdoor activities. 
  • Synthetic sole keeps the shoe light and absorbs impact. 
  • Inner padding provides stability and reduces the chance of ankle twist. 


  • Overall finishing could have been better. 
  • No bright color options. 

8) ID Men's Casual Shoes

ID Men's Genuine Leather Casual Shoes (Blue)

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Take your casual outfit to the next level with these leather boat shoes. ID’s Boat Shoes come in various sizes and can be worn very easily. These shoes come with a thermoplastic rubber sole for extraordinary grip and durability. The modern looks of the shoe will compliment whether you wear it with denim or chinos. The leather material on top makes the shoe elegant and the color combination gives a youthful and energetic vibe. 


  • It comes with a leather upper that looks modern and classy.
  • The color combination gives it a casual persona. 
  • TPR sole is meant to last long and ensure that you don’t slip. 
  • Upper stitches are robust. 
  • Easy to wear and remove – good for seniors too! 


  • The inner padding is not quite comfortable.
  • It comes in only one color combination. 

9) US Polo Association Hague Sneakers

US Polo Association Men's Hague Off White Sneakers-6 UK (2531918612)

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If you want a simple pair of white casual shoes then look no further. US Polo Hague Sneakers offer sleek design, comfort, and durability. It comes in two color options – off white and navy. It is a low-top casual shoe with synthetic leather on top and a high-quality rubber sole for proper comfort and friction. The inner padding of the shoe is quite thick and will provide great stability. 


  • It has a very sleek design and feels quite premium. 
  • The shoe comes from a very reputed US brand. 
  • Synthetic leather increases the lifespan of the shoe. 
  • The rubber sole helps to grip the surface and absorb impact. 
  • Inner padding makes it more comfortable. 


  • It has limited color options. 

10) Red Chief’s Leather Casual Slip On

Red Chief Rust Leather Without Lace Casual Shoes for Men RC3504 022_(UK-6 India)

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Red Chief is a well-known brand and definitely deserves to be on this list. This leather casual shoe from Red Chief looks like a combination of a loafer and a boat shoe. It comes in various sizes and colors. 

The upper is made of genuine leather and is stitched with TPR sole. The stitches are quite robust and will not come loose easily. It has a very comfortable inner padding to keep your feet stable while you walk and stand. 


  • The shoe comes from a well-known brand. 
  • Genuine leather used on the upper.
  • Thermoplastic rubber on the sole resists wears & tear and absorb impact. 
  • Stitches are quite robust. 
  • They are easy to wear and remove. 
  • It comes in different colors. 


  • They are not very stylish. 

Buying Guide for Top Casual Shoes Under 2000

When it comes to styling and comfort, nothing can match casual footwear, they are easy to wear, wash, maintain, and project your style to the world. Now, you can simply go and buy whatever casual shoes pop in screen (like most men do) or you can stand out and take some time before actually cashing out. 

What do we mean by that? In order to feel comfortable and look more stylish, you need to have a good sense of “what should I consider before buying a casual shoe?”  Now, it is not rocket science so don’t get intimidated. Here are very important factors that no one is talking about buying casual shoes. 

1- Shop for the Occasion 

A lot of men do not take this factor seriously but they should. When we say you should shop according to the occasion we mean you should have a specific pair of shoes for a specific occasion.  Let us discuss this in detail. Now, if you go to the gym you should invest in a pair that is meant for the gym. It has to be breathable, it must have a soft cushion, and most importantly it should fit properly to avoid injuries. 

On the flip side, if you want to go to a party or just hang out with friends, throw some cool pair of casual sneakers or loafers matching with your overall look. Don’t just wear any bright sneaker with dark jeans, this will catch attention to your feet which stylish men avoid.

Remember, your shoes should complement the clothes you are wearing, they should not take attention from your body or your handsome face. Here below are some casual sneakers that will fit in specific scenarios/occasions: 

Sneakers – They are the most wearable shoes on the planet. You will not see a man who does not own a pair of sneakers. They are available in different shapes and styles. 

Thanks to their built, you can throw them with almost every casual outfit. With that in mind, you need to avoid wearing them for casual business events, job interviews, and pools or beaches. Sneakers work best for casual parties, gym, clubs and afternoon walks. 

NOTE: Leather sneakers are dressier and should be worn for formal occasions (matching the outfit.) 

Loafers- They are very versatile, comfortable, and could be easily worn with jeans, chinos, or formal pants. Loafers come in two different materials – leather and suede. 

When it comes to casual wear, go for suede loafers as they project an outdoor casual vibe. Leather loafers are more formal and will not work best for casual events. Suede loafers could be worn for pools, beach parties, road trips, and formal events too! 

NOTE: Boat shoes come in different materials including canvas and leather so if loafers do not suit your style you can go for boat shoes. 

The bottom-line for this factor is – buy different pairs of shoes for different occasions. This brings us to our next important factor. 

2- Quality over Quantity

People often have a very bizarre opinion when it comes to buying shoes. They think we should buy more pairs of shoes at less price and this will fulfill the previous point (shop for the occasion), however, this is the worst mistake you as a stylish man could make. 

Now you must understand that we are not encouraging you to buy a branded shoe that will affect your overall monthly budget but, we are definitely encouraging you to buy a pair of shoes that will at least last 1 – 1.5 years (with proper care and not wearing for every occasion).

Running shoes or athletic shoes may last longer than a year even if it is worn every day this is because they are built to resist wear and tear. This could not be said for basic sneakers or loafers if worn every day.  Bringing us back to the point, a quality casual shoe may have a better chance to last 8-12 months even if worn every day. 

3- Look For the Comfort

The very first reason why most men choose casual shoes is comfort. Sure, they are stylish and attractive but it’s a plus point. Imagine if you buy a very stylish pair of shoes that attract all the ladies but when you reach home you feel pain and find cuts on your feet. Not what you would want right? Here are some tips that may help you:

1- When choosing a perfect pair of casual shoes you must look for certain areas to determine whether the shoe will give you the desired comfort or not.  The very first thing that will determine the comfort is the fitting or the fit. An ill-fitted casual shoe will trouble while you stand or walk, plus it will affect your overall body posture and make you look unattractive.

2- When choosing a pair of casual shoes you must look that there is an appropriate room (half-inch) at the front and back of your shoe.  Yes, your shoe will get stretched when you will wear them for a while but some shoe material like synthetic leather and the woven fabric does not allow that much stretch so make sure to consider this point.

3- Another thing to ensure comfort is knowing or measuring your footwear size before buying your casual shoes. If you have gained some weight or vice versa then it is highly recommended that you measure your foot size and then start shopping.

4- If these two points are checked move on to the third thing to ensure comfort and that is breathability. If you sweat too much on your feet and want a comfortable casual shoe to rock, we suggest you go for the running sneakers or athletic shoes listed above.  They are designed to soak sweat and maintain good ventilation keeping the foot dry, cool, and non-stinky.

5- Next, look for stability, sole, grip, and foot support. Most of the casual shoes are Anatomical in nature, meaning they are designed according to your foot shape to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, cushioning, and safety. 

4- Don’t Follow the Trend Blindly 

Bear with us, this may sound a bit skeptical but think it yourself. Casual shoes are the most versatile shoes but brands need to freshen them up on a very regular basis to keep the flow going. 

Sometimes neon-colored sneakers are on-trend and sometimes multicolored casual shoes are on-trend but, it is a fact that this trend will one day disappear like the Old School Chunky Sneakers or very eye-catching Wedge Sneakers. 

What you need to think here is – if you already own a pair of good casual shoes like black or white basic sneakers, brown, black, or navy loafers, and comfortable running shoes then you can definitely go with the trend. 

5- Color Choice

Another important factor no one is talking about has to be the color choice while choosing casual shoes. We understand you like bright or neon colors, but they will not suit in most scenarios. Imagine yourself going on a date with green neon sneakers or white loafers! 

This could be excused if you already own a good pair of classic casual shoes but if you don’t own them right now and going to shop after a long time, we suggest you stick to basics and go for colors like black, brown, navy, or grey these colors are extremely versatile and will compliment your outfit. 

6- Price

The last factor we want you to consider before buying a pair of casual shoes is the price. Remember, a shoe’s price will never indicate its quality that is why this factor should not be the only thing in your mind while shopping for shoes or even any other items. 

You must look for the value and comfort that a particular brand’s shoe will provide and compare the similar brand’s shoes to make the best buying decision.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes a casual shoe the most versatile shoe?  

Casual shoes are the most popular shoes on the planet and we have figured out why. Casual shoes like sneakers, loafers, running shoes and slip-on are considered footwear for casual events. 

These shoes are designed in a way that not only project your style game but also provide extreme comfort and safety. You can throw a good pair of casual shoes for occasions like party, date, casual afternoon walk, road trips, sports, and what more. 

How one can take good care of loafers? 

Loafers come in two main materials – leather and suede. Both demand good care.

In order to keep your favorite loafers with you for a long time, we suggest you clean the loafers every time you wear it. Keep it away from water or direct sunlight, do not heat dry, do not wash it with solvent instead use soft dry towel or cloth. 

Are Suede loafers good for formal events? 

 Another reason why we love casual shoes! Suede loafers fall under the category of classic casual footwear that could be worn in casual and formal events. The most versatile suede loafer colors are – navy, black and brown. 

Should I go with the trend or stick to classics? 

It is a personal choice! Classic Casual Shoes come in versatile color options like black, white, grey, navy, and brown. Trendy options may not offer the same vibes but you can try them if you already own classic casual shoes. But again, it is a subjective matter. 

What is the average life of a Casual Shoe? 

If you wear a shoe on a daily basis it should easily last for 8-12 months. Athletic or running shoes may have a better lifespan as they are heavy-duty and can withstand normal wear and tear. 

High-grade leather loafers will last for more than 5 years. 

NOTE: You should keep your shoes fresh by constantly cycling them and not wearing one shoe for the whole year. 

Should I invest in black sneakers or white sneakers? 

Both are extremely versatile colors and will complement the casual outfit. If you don’t have any pair already, we suggest you go for black color as it is more dynamite and will demand less care. 


A good pair of casual shoes can take your style game to the next level. When buying casual shoes you should not make quick decisions and buy what your friend bought or what everyone is wearing. 

If you are buying a casual shoe after a very long time, we suggest you stick with the classics as they will never go off trend and will still make you look stylish. However, if you own them already, go with the trend and rock it. 

Above are the top ten best casual shoes that you can find on Amazon for under two thousand rupees. Plus, check out the buying guide to make sure your investment does not go in vain. We hope you find the information helpful, good luck with your shopping! 

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