Best Casual Shoes Under 500 In India 2021

Casual shoes are undoubtedly one of the most appreciated and wearable shoes in the market. They are not only fashionable but, are also very comfortable. Sneakers, Loafers, Boots, Boat shoes Running shoes, and Espadrilles are some common types of casual footwear that come in different sizes, color options, and design. 

If you want to buy one, you need to know what casual shoe you need to own. In order to help you find the best casual shoe under five hundred rupees, we searched the Indian market and brought you ten of the best casual shoes that you can easily find on Amazon. 

Best Casual Shoes Under 500

We will also share with you a very comprehensive buying guide so that you can make your purchase the best one. With that in mind, let us move on and see the best casual shoes in the market. 

1) T- Rock Men's Running Shoes

T-Rock Men's Sports Shoes (10, Black, 10)

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T-Rock Men’s sports shoes are one of the bestselling casual shoes under a decent budget. These shoes give classic and trendy vibes and could add glamour to your looks. 

The upper has synthetic material that feels comfortable and lace designing is quite attractive. Polyvinyl Chloride sole provides good insulation and abrasion resistance quality. This shoe is available in the Indian market in five different sizes and six different color designs. 


  • The upper material is quite breathable. 
  • It looks both classic and trendy. 
  • This pair of shoes is known for its lightweight too.
  • It is one of the bestselling casual shoes. 
  • It is available in different colors design. 


  • The sole grip may cause some issues after a while. 
  • Overall built quality could be better. 

2) Amico Men's Sneaker

Amico Men's Designer Printed Casual Sneakers/Running/Gym Shoes ( White)

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If you want stylish and funky sneakers that could provide functionality, look no further. It comes in five different sizes and three different funky color designs. Choose any color design and it will upgrade your style game. You don’t have to worry about comfort as the brand invest in high-grade material and craftsmanship. 

The outer material of the shoe comes in mesh and the sole is made of PU material that is meant to absorb impact, provide flexibility and comfort. 


  • This pair of shoes is for making a fashion statement. 
  • It is lightweight and comfortable. 
  • PU sole makes this shoe outstanding.
  • Funky shoes at a very affordable price. 


  • It will demand often cleaning and care. 
  • Some users had issues with the shoe’s quality. 
  • More color options would
  • be better. 

3) Kraasa Casuals for Men

Kraasa White Sneakers for Men UK 10

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Go super casual and simple with Kraasa’s casual white sneakers. The canvas upper makes the shoe easy to wear and adjust according to your feet. PVC sole offers abrasion resistance quality and absorbs impact. 

The soft lining on the shoe makes it quite appealing and you can see the hard work and precision put in. The insole has very thick padding that provides stability and unmatchable comfort. This pair of shoes come in two primary colors red and white with a different design. 


  • It is very lightweight and convenient.
  • It is good for those who like to keep it simple and clean. 
  • They have good input materials.
  • Attention to detail can be found in the stitching and lining. 
  • It is pure value for money. 


  • White sneakers need constant rotation. 
  • The brand should bring more basic color options. 

4) T-Rock Men's Sneaker

T-Rock Men's Sneaker Casual Shoes (Grey, Numeric_8)

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Is grey your favorite color? Then this is one of the best options for you. Once again T-Rock comes with another sneaker for men with white (sole) and grey color (body). 

For comfort, the brand uses very thick inner padding and cushion to keep your feet healthy and free from fatigue. The upper comes in synthetic material that provides durability and flexibility. The sole may impress you as it is quite thick and will absorb all shocks and impact and keep your flow. 


  • Synthetic material on the upper provides flexibility and durability. 
  • Inner padding on the shoe allows you to wear them for long hours. 
  • It has a very thick outer sole. 
  • It comes from a known brand. 
  • Stitching is quite robust. 


  • It has no color option. 

5) Solwin Light Weight Casual Sneakers

Solwin Light Weight Casual Sneakers for Men Black

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Looking for extra lightweight shoes to flaunt your style? Well, Solwin’s lightweight sneakers can come in aid. These shoes come in different color options and sizes. 

The upper comes in semi-mesh material and good ventilation figures on sides. This means you will have breathable and flexible walks. Plus, the outer sole is quite thick and lightweight too! The lower part of the shoe has a foot-like design that helps in grip and stability keeping your ankles safe from twisting. 


  • This pair of shoes is quite light in weight. 
  • The upper material is quite comfortable and durable. 
  • It provides good ventilation and keeps your feet fresh. 
  • It is available in different color designs.
  • It is a value for money. 


  • Inner paddings need to be thicker. 
  • Laces quality needs improvement. 

6) Afreet Jingles Bells Loafer Shoes

Afreet 78 Jingle Bell Loafer Shoes for Men Navy 6

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Afreet Jingle Bells navy loafers are a type of casual shoe that you don’t get to see often in the market. It comes in a very unique upper two bells adding beauty to the shoe. 

The texture of this loafer is something that the opposite gender will definitely get attracted to. Plus, the inner looks quite premium and will catch attention when you will take them off.  The construction of this shoe is very robust and is available in different color options. 


  • The body texture is quite smooth.
  • The jingle bells on the upper add beauty to the shoe. 
  • The inner looks quite premium.
  • It has unquestionable craftsmanship. 
  • Supports ankles and provide flexibility. 


  • It may bite. 
  • The shoe could slip. 

7) Kraasa Classy Sneakers for Men

Kraasa Classy Sneakers for Men Yellow UK 8

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Another creation from Kraasa is the yellow colored casual shoes with strong laces and extra functionality. This pair of shoes from Kraasa come in five different color options and all have the comfort level at the top. 

The upper material is stretchable, breathable, and will hug your feet properly reducing the chance of ankle twists. In addition, the EVA sole is very thick and is designed to absorb maximum impact and shocks. 


  • Mesh upper provides style, comfort, and breathability. 
  • The elastic provides good stability and grip. 
  • Eva sole absorbs shock and provides flexibility.
  • These shoes can be worn for other casual occasions too. 
  • They are easy to wear and remove. 


  • Some users have issues with inner sole stability. 

8) Amazon Brand - House & Shields

Amazon Brand - House & Shields Men White Canvas Sneakers-10 UK (AZ-HS-044C)

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Canvas sneakers are back and this time they are more stylish and durable. This pair of shoes from Amazon Brand has the outer material of high-quality canvas stitched and glued with high-grade rubber. 

The lower part of the shoes has a lining design that will provide a good grip. It is available in different sizes and color options – navy and tan. 


  • They have quite robust construction.
  • These pair of shoes look stylish and simple. 
  • High-grade rubber provides good functionality.
  • It is a value for money.


  • The inner padding needs to be thicker and soft. 

9) Symbol Men's Synthetic

Amazon Brand - Symbol Men's Brown Synthetic Sneakers - 6 UK (AZ-KY-102A)

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Make your outfit more sophisticated by adding this pair of shoes. Another product from Amazon Brand, this dark brown colored sneaker is available in grey color too. 

With synthetic material on top and rubber sole, this is the perfect combination of durability, stability, and comfort. The outer sole has a very unique design that will allow you to grip the surface and maintain your stylish walk. 


  • Synthetic material on top with textured on the front. 
  • The inner padding and sole are comfortable for long trips. 
  • Rubber sole keeps your flow by absorbing all impact. 
  • They are lightweight and easy to clean. 


  • The brand needs to work on its overall quality

10) Ethics Perfect Black Grey

Ethics Men's Casual Loafer Shoes (Black, Numeric_8)

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Another loafer on this list with a sophisticated design is the black grey loafer by Ethics Store. The brand has used faux leather on the upper to make it look premium and retain its form forever. 

The rubber sole is glued with the faux leather to ensure strength and durability. The outer sole comes in a design that will keep the shoe away from slips and provide good stability. 


  • The upper material is of high-quality and is quite durable. 
  • It has a very high-grade rubber for good hold and stability.
  • These shoes are easy to wear and clean. 
  • It comes from a well-known brand. 


  • The inner padding and cushioning needs improvement
  • It comes in only one color

Buying Guide for Best Casual Shoes Under 500

Casual Shoes are one of the finest creations by humans in terms of style and comfort. These shoes can be worn for parties, dinner dates, casual afternoon walks, outdoor sports or activities, beach, pool, and god knows what more. 

Now, it doesn’t matter if it is low-price or high priced, the pair of shoes you will buy next should be the best thing you buy this year. To make sure it happens, we have written down some factors that will come in great rescue even if you are a frequent shoe buyer. 

Let’s start with number one and that is: 

1: Shop According to the Purpose

We know you have a very rash decision to make and spend your money on your favorite casual shoe, but hold on there, before you buy a pair of casual shoes and wear the same for your gym, college, date, and hike, you need to read this factor. 

So, here is a question before we move on – what makes a stylish men ‘Stylish’? Well, it’s not his wardrobe so don’t give any excuse, let us enlighten you. A stylish man becomes stylish because of his mindset. 

In this factor, we want your mindset to be – not wearing the same pair of casual shoes for every occasion. We want you to own two or a maximum of three pairs of casual shoes that will not only make you versatile but will also increase the lifespan of your footwear. 

Three common casual shoes that are extremely versatile and you should buy are – sneakers, loafers, and athletic shoes. Sure, there are other casual shoes like boots, sandals, and flip flops but they are not quite as versatile or comfortable as sneakers, loafers, and sports shoes.  

1- Sneakers

Sneakers come in three different forms – low top, mid-top, and a high top. All three forms are versatile and are meant for casual events. When you are shopping for sneakers make sure you don’t buy very bright or sharp colors as they will catch too much attention to your feet. 

Good for – Parties, walk, clubs, college, and road trips. 

Not good for – A job interview, beach, pool, and formal events. 

2- Loafers

Loafers are extremely versatile options that can be worn very easily. They do not come with laces so a little inconvenience is already gone. You can wear these bad boys with denim jeans, chinos, and fitted pants. 

Loafers usually come in two materials – leather and suede leather. Suede loafers are casual but are also suitable for business events. Plain leather loafers are dressier and should be avoided for casual events. 

Good for – beach, pool, dinner date, college, and office (if uniform rules are not strict)

Not good for – They may not be suitable for long trips. 

3- Athletic Shoes

Sports, running or athletic shoes are all made for casual scenarios. Most Indian men regardless of age prefer sports shoes because they are the most comfortable and durable casual footwear. 

Whether you go for running, gym, hiking, or perform other sports activities they are your best bet. In addition to that, you can wear them for hanging out with friends, casual park walk, and city ride too! 

Good for – sports activities, long trips, complimenting your tracksuit.  

Not good for – formal events. 

The takeaway from this factor – Don’t wear the same pair of shoes for every event, instead, buy different pairs of shoes that will suit the purpose. 

2: Go for the Quality

The average lifespan of a good quality basic sneaker shoe is 8-12 months (worn every day) but this is not what this point is based on. A lot of men usually think owing low-priced shoes in bulk and switching often will do the trick but, this is actually something that is to be avoided. 

When you buy shoes in bulk from a Sale and think you will keep them fresh by wearing an alternate pair, your shoes will not last even 6 months! This is because low-grade material shoes are manufactured in bulk and companies do not use good craftsmanship or durable material in the process. 

What we want you to do is ditch the quantity shopping and switch to quality shopping. Go for the brands that have some name in the market. 

Here are some other tips:

A- If you want your shoes to last longer and provide comfort, you can buy sports or athletic shoes as they are built to resist normal wear and tear and support your feet. Casual shoes come in different upper and sole materials so make sure to check the quality before buying. 

B- We don’t want you to buy a very high-quality brand’s shoe and suffer later on, but we are definitely saying you should invest in a pair of shoes that could last for 1 to 1.5 years easily. 

The takeaway from this factor – Don’t buy shoes in bulk just because shops are offering discounts, instead look for a known brand and buy only one pair of shoes that would last longer. 

3: Look for Comfort

So, once the above two factors are checked, you are ready to move and look for the pair of shoes that not only make you more stylish but also offer comfort. 

What is the point of buying a shoe that bites, does not fit properly, makes your overall posture bad, and spoils you macho walk? 

Exactly, we don’t need such type of shoes, instead, we want a shoe that hugs our feet and meanwhile offer some breathing room, we want a shoe that makes our walk more stylish by offering good cushion and most importantly we want a shoe that does not bite. 

Casual shoes come in various upper and sole material, some materials like woven fabric and synthetic leather have the quality of being rigid i.e. does not extend over time so, if a shopkeeper offers you a shoe with such material and says it will fit after you wear it for a while – if it does not fit you now, it won’t fit later, so make sure to consider this factor. 

Another point to consider to ensure your footwear will offer comfort is the proper fitting. Suppose you wear 7-inch (US) and you find a shoe that is quite stylish and it says 8-inch (US). What do you do? Well, you will have to compromise and search for another piece. 

4: Be smart with Colors 

This is perhaps one of the most underrated factors that people do not follow. When it comes to color choices in casual shoes we men go wild and shop for the brightest or the most bizarre color of the planet. If you are reading this, it has to be stopped. 

Sure, neon or extra bright colors will catch the attention of the crowd and make you stand out, but you have to understand that all the compliments that you think you will receive are actually because you are wearing those bright colored shoes not that your style game is on top or you look good with those shoes. 

When buying casual shoes, we want you to stick with basic colors like black, white, brown, navy, and grey. These are the colors that are extremely versatile and will never go out of fashion. 

On the flip side, bright colored shoes or multicolored shoes may not always stay in trend. Now, one thing that you should note here is – if you already own a pair of basic colors mentioned above, you can go on and experiment with shoe colors as there is no hard and fast rule in choosing colors. 

The takeaway from this factor – Choose basic colors like black, brown, grey, white, and navy. 

5: Stick with the Classics

Just like shoe color, this is another important factor you should note before buying casual shoes. Fashion in this century is quite dynamic and in terms of footwear, it is more active. 

When shopping for casual shoes we suggest you stick with the classic options and basic colors. This is because trending shoes will disappear sooner or later but classics will stay forever. This factor could be considered flexible if you already own some cool classic casual footwear. 

6: Price 

We kept this factor for last because there is a misconception we would like to highlight. People when buying things usually take price as the only factor to decide whether the piece will be good or not. Remember, the price of a certain commodity does not define its quality! 

Sure, it is important but you should look for other factors too. Figure out what values you are getting at a certain price and then do the comparison with other pieces until you find the best.  The takeaway from this factor – Price is important, but it is not everything. Combine price with other factors and do the comparison of values. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1- Why should I choose athletic shoes over basic sneakers? 

Casual shoes are the most wearable shoes and we know why. Casual shoes such as sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, boots, running, or athletic shoes not only provide a great style statement but provide extreme comfort. 

Coming back to the question, athletic shoes or sports shoes are kings of casual shoes, they are quite durable comfortable, and good for almost all casual events. Athletic shoes are meant to last long and resist normal wear and tear this means if you want a shoe that project style and offer extreme comfort and durability, athletic shoes are good options. 

2- Are loafers easy to maintain? 

Loafers are very versatile casual footwear that provides convenience if you have a fast lifestyle. Due to the absence of laces, you become more efficient and are able to project your fashion in a very unique manner. 

Talking about loafer’s maintenance, they do not demand so much care. When you take them off make sure to clean them up with a dry cloth, never use solvent or harsh cleaner to wipe off stain, do not heat dry if your loafers are wet. 

If taken good care of, a loafer could provide its services for more than five years. 

3- Should I wear basic sneakers to Gym? 

No, basic sneakers are meant for specific scenarios only. You can wear basic sneakers to a casual party, afternoon walk, college, short trip, or hanging out with your crew. 

For the gym, sports activities, or other outdoor activities we suggest you wear more comfortable and flexible casual shoes like running shoes or gym sneakers. Plus, do not use your workout shoes for other casual events. 

4- How long a pair of casual shoes could last? 

If you wear a pair of shoes every day and have a rough lifestyle, your shoe should last at least 5-6 months. An average lifespan of a shoe with minimum wear and tear and if switched daily could increase it from 12 months to 2.5 years. 

5- What will work for both casual and formal?

Though casual shoes, as the name suggests are meant for casual events like parties, pool, beach, workout, outdoor activities, etc. some casual shoes could work for both casual and formal events and by some, we mean Suede loafers. 

Please note – Leather loafers are dressier and should be worn for formal or semi-formal events like dinner date, or business conference; suede leather loafers will work for both scenarios.

6- I am going to buy sneakers after a long time and I don’t own any pair right now, which one should I buy? 

In our buying guide, we have mentioned a few very important factors that you should consider if you are buying casual shoes you should keep the occasion, color, and trend in mind. 

Meaning – go for classic sneakers. They usually do not fade away with time, plus go for some basic color options like black, white, navy, brown, and grey. 


Casual Shoes are the go-to options for most men. They are not only stylish but comfortable too! When choosing a pair of casual shoes you must look at certain things like the trend, color, comfort, occasion, upper material, sole material, stability, grip, breathability, cushion, etc. 

We have written everything about these factors in our buying guide section, make sure you read all before buying. Once all things are considered, you can go again to check what pair of shoes will suit you the best. All the products listed above are under five hundred rupees and are easily available on Amazon. Hope you will find the perfect pair! 

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