Best Formal Shoes Under 1000 In India 2022

Are you planning to buy best formal shoes available in the Indian market in the affordable ballpark of just under Rs.1000, then look no further as this article will help you to dig out the best out of the best formal shoes under 1000

Shoes are regarded as one of the first things people notice about you and without any shadow of a doubt, if you are a fashionista then it should pick one of the top five spots in the priority list.

Best Formal Shoes Under 1000

Shoes form one of the essentials when it comes to fashion and when you need to slay it to look dapper – wearing your Sunday dress will just not suffice – your shoes should do the talking as well – your shoes should serve you well and should coordinate your attire.

Shoes connote your persona in more ways than one and is deemed as the carrier of your personality which is why there are questions that linger in the pre-purchase stage of buying a shoe – all we have done is clear them off and handpicked the best formal shoes under Rs. 1000 so that you can carry off it in style and aplomb while you anchor the business review presentation with finesse.

Here’s what we have listed for you – the best formal shoes which fit the bill within the ambit of Rs. 1000

1. Burwood Men's Formal Shoes

Burwood Men Formal Shoes

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Burwood Men’s formal shoe sports a head turning finish and pronounces a trendy design. Investing in a pair of Burwood formal shoe will help you to notch a stylish look which is certainly drool worthy!


  • The leather upper looks classy giving a superior look and has a textured detail with lace-up closure
  • The finish is refined
  • The lace-ups are centrally placed
  • The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) sole offers great flexibility and absorbs the weight of the body without making your foot to rest on a hard surface giving rise to heel pain
  • Cushioned footbed provides gives you the extra comfort if you are looking forward to wearing one for all day long
  • You can pair it with a slim-fit shirt and trouser to look very dapper
  • It has a product warranty of 90 days against manufacturing defects


  • Some of the consumers have voiced that heat generated in the shoe compartment on prolonged usage causes feet burnout. The heat generated is not dissipated – as there is no escape route to pass through
  • The sole comes off and detaches on rough usage though

2. Chadstone Men's Formal Shoes

Chadstone Men's Tan Formal Shoes - 8 UK (42 EU) (CH 14)

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This premium lace up shoe from Chadstone is a durable and all-season formal shoe – a perfect office companion which ensures you focus on your work at office letting your feet to rest on the extra cushion footbed for blissful comfort beyond measure.


  • This lace up shoe is quintessential formal shoe that is guaranteed to complete your look synonymous with formal attire and carve out a niche for yourself
  • The outer material is made from synthetic leather
  • It sports round toe style for the classic look
  • You can coordinate it with black slim-fit trouser and a grey shirt to give a sassy look
  • The black TPR (thermoplastic rubber) sole with blocked heel enhances the aesthetic appeal of the shoe
  • It carries a product warranty of 90 days against manufacturing defects
  • The footbed is lavishly padded to provide you comfort for all day long wear


  • The lace that comes with this shoe is fragile causing it to fray

3. Red Tape Men’s leather Formal Shoe

Red Tape Men's Tan Leather Formal Shoes - 11 UK/India (45 EU) (RTS9653)

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Look no further if you are in a mood to find the best formal shoe to complete your formal ensembles flawlessly in your race to be the best dressed man in office – here’s the one from India’s renowned brand – Red Tape.


  • This leather formal shoe has a lace-up closure with Red Tape signature embossed in the upper construction
  • This shoe has slightly tapered toe style with subtle detailing in the form of dots which gives a classy and slim look
  • The shoe looks strikingly neat and is bound to draw attention
  • The seams in the shoe adds masculinity to the shoe
  • The contrast sole with blocked heel helps to amp up the style quotient
  • It carries a product warranty of 3 months against manufacturing defects


  • Some customers have reported that the leather used to construct the shoe is hard which gives a good fit and shape but the hardness bothers to cause discomfort
  • Wearers having wide feet may experience shoe bites making it tough to wear for long

4. Escaro Men's Formal Shoes

Escaro Everyday Wear Men's Brown Formal Slip On Dress Shoes (ES1036KB_Brown_6)

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This Italian designed classy formal show from the house of Escaro brand is a must have in your collection. It has a neat and minimalistic architecture that gives the wearer a very decent look.


  • The salient feature of this light weighted shoe is the well-built channel stitching in the sole that makes it stronger and durable
  • The breathable upper material that is used to make this shoe helps you to keep your feet dry and helps to absorb and neutralize the formation of bad odour
  • The rubber welted grooved sole are engineered to be skid resistant
  • The fine stitching gives the shoe a pristine look
  • The TPR sole along with moulded footbed construction gives exceptional comfort
  • It has a slip-on closure with inner lining that is anti-itch for all day long comfort


  • Some customers have reported that while walking the shoe comes off from the feet due to fitment issues
  • The outsole detaches from the upper or there are cracks that develop on the outsole with few weeks of purchase

5. Bata Men's Formal Shoes

BATA Men's Synthetic Black Formal Lace-up Shoes 821-6003-43

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Raise the bar of your style by donning a pair of formal shoes from the famous Bata brand – a brand synonymous with quality and durability. This shoe has the refinement to add that oomph factor to your look.


  • It has a unibody upper and a slip-on closure
  • The upper is made from high quality synthetic leather which make it an all-weather wear
  • You can coordinate it with black slim-fit trouser and an off-white shirt to give a sassy look
  • The PU outsole with blocked heel enhances the appeal of the shoe
  • The slightly tapered shoe has elasticated element in the upper to take the shape of your feet giving you a snug and comfy fit


  • Develops creases or wrinkles in the upper
  • The outsole and footbed is hard causing discomfort

6. Centrino Men's Formal Shoes

Centrino Men's Formal Shoes

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This formal shoe is manufactured by Centrino – a leading footwear brand for men. It features a contemporary uber-cool design to elevate your style statement to the extent of giving your quintessential office dressing a makeover.


  • This round-toed formal shoe has synthetic leather upper and features lace-up closure
  • The design story weaved in this formal shoe is unique – thanks to the unique perforations in the toe box
  • For exceptional comfort, it houses the foam layer with additional heel support – keeping the heel pain at bay
  • The foam layer that is used in the footbed is subjected to anti-bacterial treatment which negates the formation of shoe odour
  • The outsole comes with slip resistance and is fortified to absorb jerks
  • It comes with 90 days product warranty


  • The eyelets rip out easily over time due to lace-to-lace friction

7. Nubeno Men's Formal Shoes

Nubeno Men's Cherry Formal Shoes - 7 UK (41 EU) (10022)

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This formal elegant formal shoe from Nubeno is a sure to make heads turn with its glossy toe box – this salient feature makes this shoe stand out in style and gives a premium look.


  • This round toed formal shoe features lace-up closure with glossy toe box
  • It sports a glossy toe box which makes it stylish and premium looking.
  • This shoe is numero uno in its category owing to its glossy toe box and textured upper
  • The outer material is made from high quality synthetic leather
  • The footbed is cushioned and padded for added comfort
  • It has a reinforced heel collar
  • The delicate stitching adds to the aesthetic appeal of the shoe
  • It is available in cherry colour


  • Some customers have reported that the creases and wrinkles develop within a short span of time

8. Paragon Men's Formal Shoes

Paragon Men's Formal Shoes

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  • It has a slip-on closure
  • The double stitching detail makes it stylish
  • The upper is made from high quality synthetic leather
  • You can coordinate it with grey slim-fit trouser and an off-white shirt to give a sassy look
  • The PU outsole with blocked heel enhances the appeal of the shoe and most importantly, makes your feet rest comfortably for long hours


  • Some customers have reported that the sole slowly and steadily comes off the upper construction on prolonged rough usage

9. Khadim's Men's Footwear

Khadims Men's Footwear

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One of India’s Largest Organized Footwear Retailers – Khadim has introduced formal shoes for men in their portfolio. The formal shoe from the house of Khadim is smart, elegant and attractive which lets you flaunt your uber-cool side of things in office premise.


  • The shoe has round toe style make it ideal for wearers having broad feet
  • It has a slip-on closure so that you can easily break in easily without lacing up
  • The outer material is made from durable synthetic material
  • It has textured detailing in the upper and runs to the bottom on the sides
  • It has TPR sole and the footbed is cushioned to give you the right dose of comfort
  • It has a stacked heel.


  • Some customers have voiced that the sole detaches itself from the upper in a span of little over six months

10. Stylelure Men's Formal Shoes

Stylelure Men's Synthetic Leather Black Formal Shoes for Men

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Any office goer can select this classy shoe to instantly elevate any formal ensemble with flair. This shoe from the house of Stylelure will surely raise many eyebrows in the office. Look no further if you want a formal shoe that you can show off and gratify yourself by owning one.


  • This stylish shoe has a slip-on closure
  • High quality synthetic leather is used to make this shoe giving it a premium look
  • Air-Mix sole is used in this shoe to provide extra comfort and its highly breathable property allows good moisture management so that you wear for long time
  • The mock lace-up and logo detailing all contributes to accentuate your trendy look
  • The shoe has the padded collar which gives added strength and soft comfortable lining.
  • These trendy formal shoes will stylishly complement to make you look rich in style when paired with slim-fit formal outfit.


  • Creases engrave and deep marks develop on the vamp of the shoe
  • Few customers have raised this concern of developing ankle and heel pain on prolonged usage

Tips to Remember while buying formal shoes:

Before you embark on this campaign, there are subtle things that you need to consider while buying formal shoes – here’s what we have penned down so that you savvy.

Since you will be wearing those formal shoes for 10-12 hours on an average, it is of paramount importance to invest in formal shoes which can strike the right balance in line with the following:

1. Material used

Leather is traditionally regarded as the most popular choice to make footwears because of its durability. However, engineered or synthetic leather often called as “man-made” of “faux” leather are new alternatives to natural leather. Hence, you need to consider the material used depending on the weather. For instance, man-made or synthetic leather should be the chosen one during the monsoon. If you are residing in a cold place, leather formal shoes should keep your feet warm.

2. Colour

In this day and age, apart from the old school formal – black and brown colours, you can pick up from quite a wide colour palette – limited though.

The new age colours – beiges, tans, blues, greys and maroons are in vogue. Do remember not to go for bright or colourful formal shoes for office purpose and it is always recommended to avoid any elements used to ornate such as buckles or straps.

3. Comfortability

One of the factors influencing your buying decision is comfortability. You should invest your money in shoe which gives you maximum comfort in terms of negating shoe bites and crams. Make sure your formal shoe is engineered with cushioned footbed, padded collar in the upper construction and padding inside the shoe for extra comfort.

4. Detailing

One must ensure that the heel and ankle do not rub against the inner lining of the shoe – this will give you frictionless comfort. Fitting should be precedence as well – one needs to get the right fit which has little gap between feet and the inner walls of the shoe for make way for movement and air circulation.


Does feet size matter?

Yes, it does matter – one must avoid leaner models, if one has broad feet. Wide toe shoes should be preferred so that it gives you the much-needed space for your big toe to move around a bit. Leaving an inch of space between the big toe and the inner front wall will give immense relief from putting any unnecessary stress on the pressure points of your feet – this will amp up the level of comfort, for sure.

What is the must do to get a shoe that best fit for optimum comfort?

If you get a chance to buy a shoe from a store, it is always recommended that you take a test drive – try it out with your socks rolled up – this will give you ample sense of the fit you are craving for. Pace down the floor and take few steps to ensure that the shoe you are wearing doesn’t cramp your feet too tight causing discomfort. Do remember to try on both shoes always and not just on one.

What are the other subtle things to check?

The wearer must ensure that the shoe is devoid of any product tags, uneven seams, hard padding or any protruding material that might niggle your feet.


Now that we have enlightened you to decode on the factors that you need to reckon before you take those shoes off the shelf and lace it up on your feet.

Apart from the main functionality of any shoe which is to protect the human feet, it can add a dash of style with great panache – be it for office or casual.

The formal shoe industry has evolved based on the customer behaviour and buying trends which has undergone a paradigm shift. Of course, the price tag is one of the factors affecting the customer in deciding.

One big thing in the corporate world is to be well dressed and exhibit a professional look during the work hours which is why your shoes play an important role and contribute a lot. The right kind of shoes should be chosen to amplify your personality in the workplace.

Well, there you have it all – a curated list of best formal shoe available in the market so that you can harness the information provided here to make the best decision to buy the best formal shoe and flaunt it to be best dressed man in the office.

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