Best Saddle Barnes Men Shoes in India

Thinking of dressing formally for the evening? Well, your outfit will be incomplete without a pair of formal shoes. Formal shoes are as important as casual ones. Formal shoes may also be known as dress shoes. These shoes are the right choice if you want to stand out in the crowd. But not every shoe will compliment your body type and outfit, thus you need to be extra careful while choosing these shoes. If you take up a wrong decision while choosing these shoes it may cost you a wastage of money.

Best Saddle Barnes Men Shoes

Shopping for a formal shoe is more like searching for the perfect movie to binge-watch on a Sunday. But, it takes a lot of effort, homework, and patience to find the perfect pair that suits you and your outfit. Before you dive into the designs and textures of formal shoes you would have to educate yourself about their details. Check out the list of Saddle & Barnes men’s shoes and also check out what tips and tricks you need to keep in mind to purchase the right pair.

1. Saddle & Barnes Men’s Leather Brogue Shoes

Saddle & Barnes Men's Black Leather Brogue Shoes - 6 UK

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If you are looking for a lace-up shoe then this can be the best choice for you. It is not only laced up but also has some of the best designs and details, this shoe comes in the color black and is a medium length shoe. This is the perfect shoe for any business meetings and occasions.

Pros –

  • The outer material of the shoe is made up of pure leather.
  • This shoe can be easily taken care of. You can clean this shoe with shampoo and then air dry it.

Cons – 

  • As it is a medium length shoe, this may not be ideal if your feet length is broad.

2. Saddle & Barnes Men’s Leather Formal Loafers

Saddle & Barnes Men's Brown Leather Formal Loafers - 6 UK, HS 244-6

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If you are not a big fan of laces then loafers are the right choice for you. These are slip-one that you can easily wear. This shoe is made up of leather and has a block heel, of just one centimeter. This is comfortable. The toe style of the shoe is round.

Pros –

  • This shoe comes with a manufacturer warranty of 90 days.
  • The round toe style of the shoe gives a comfortable fit.

Cons –

  • It is available in only five sizes.

3. Leather Brogue Shoes

Saddle & Barnes Men's Maroon Leather Brogue Shoes - 9 UK, HS 228-9

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Are you looking for a brown lace-up shoe? Then this one will be the ideal choice for you. This is also a shoe that does not have any heel, this will help you to be extremely comfortable in these. You can wear this shoe at a party as well as business meetings or even use it as regular office wear.

Pros –

  • The best part about this shoe is that the outer and inner material are both made up of leather.
  • It is very easy to clean this shoe.

Cons –

  • The sole of the shoe has a hint of white, which can be a turn-off point for many.

4. Saddle & Barnes Leather Boots Men’s

Saddle & Barnes Men's Black Boots - 9 UK (43 EU) (HS-44)

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Looking for a classy boot? Well, look no further this shoe is sure to answer all your queries. This boot is trendy yet elegant. The timeless color of the shoe gives it an extra edge. It comes with a heel of just one inch. It is laced up and the sole of the shoe is made up of rubber.

Pros –

  • The outer material of the shoe is made up of leather.
  • This shoe comes with an amazing 30 days manufacturer warranty.

Cons –

  • This may not be an ideal choice for you if your feet are broad.

5. Saddle & Barnes Leather Formal Shoes

Saddle & Barnes Men's Black Formal Shoes - 7 UK (41 EU) (HS-76)

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Searching for a laced-up shoe without any designs or details? Then this is the one that you should be going for. This is perfect for office wear and you can even wear it to any business party as well. It comes with a block heel that is only 1 inch. This can make up for an extremely classy look.

Pros –

  • It is made up of pure leather.
  • The toe style of this shoe is pointed which makes it even more fashionable.

Cons –

  • If you are looking for some designs then this one is not for you.

6. Saddle & Barnes Men’s Leather Loafers

Saddle & Barnes Men's Maroon Leather Loafers - 9 UK, HS 250-9

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Loafers win the hearts of customers with their effortless look and style. This one here is looking stylish and can be worn to any party or business event. It is a slip-on, it does not have any heel and the sole material is made up of TPR. This comes in the color maroon that is sure to go with light color pants.

Pros –

  • The outer, as well as the inner material, is leather of this shoe.
  • It is easy to wear and is extremely comfortable.

Cons –

  • Many customers may not like this shoe as it is heavily detailed.

7. Saddle & Barnes Men’s Leather Monk Strap Shoes

Saddle & Barnes Men's Brown Leather Monk Strap Shoes - 8 UK

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Monk Strap shoes are the best when you are looking for semi-formal shoes. This one here comes with a buckle as a closure and in the color brown. The shoe width is medium and the sole is made up of TPS. It also has a box heel that is just one inch. You can wear it to business events and parties.

Pros –

  • The inner and outer material is made up of pure leather gives it durability.
  • The sole is made up of rubber which promises comfort.

Cons –

  • There is no mention of a warranty for this shoe.

8. Saddle & Barnes Men’s Loafers Leather Formal Shoes

Saddle & Barnes Men's Brown Leather Formal Loafers - 9 UK, HS 238-9

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You do not like to tie up laces? Well, this loafer can be the right choice for you. This is a slip-on loafer that comes in the color brown and the sole of this is made up of rubber and leather giving you the right combination of durability and comfort. You can easily wear this shoe at a business meeting.

Pros –

  • This shoe is extremely comfortable and very easy to wear.
  • You can clean this shoe with great convenience.

Cons –

  • It has a 1-inch block heel, which can be a turndown point for those who are looking for flats.

9. Saddle & Barnes Leather Formal Shoes

Saddle & Barnes Men's Black Leather Formal Shoes -8 UK/IND

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Looking for normal shoes, without any laces or details? You are looking at the right product. This one here can be the right choice for you if you are not keen on tying laces. Even though it is a formal shoe, it is a slip-on. The sole of this shoe s made up of rubber that gives you extra comfort.

Pros –

  • The inner and outer material is made up of leather gives an extra edge on longevity.
  • This pair is easy to wear, is comfortable, and yet is formal.

Cons –

  • The elastic may become loose after some time.

10. Saddle 7 Barnes Men’s Leather Formal Shoes

Saddle & Barnes Men's Leather Formal Shoes

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Want to add some extra glamour to your look, this will be the ideal shoe. This comfortable yet classy looking shoe is the perfect choice to go to any high-end parties. It comes with a block heel and is made up of leather.

Pros –

  • It has a rubber sole that will surely offer you great comfort.
  • It has a great style to pair up with a classy suit.

Cons –

  • You may not prefer the 1-inch block heel.

Things to Know While Buying a Saddle & Barnes Men Shoes

Before you indulge yourself on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes, you need to know what things you should consider while buying a formal pair of shoes. You need to know that the shoe you are getting is worth your money or not. There are also many other aspects that you would need to look into while buying these pairs.

  • Type of formal Shoes –

When it is about formal shoes you will surely find plenty of assorted types, categories, and designs. But first, you must know that there are two categories when it comes to formal shoes.

  • Formal Shoes –

In this category, you may find shoes ranging from oxford shoes to derby shoes. These shoes are the perfect choice for boardroom meetings, conferences, and high-end parties.

  • Oxford Shoes

If you are looking for a classy shoe then this is the one. These shoes are chic and smart in every way. The eyelets being fixed under the vamps makes it different from Derbys. This makes it so appropriate as a formal shoe. Make sure you team up these shoes with pants of the right length that do not hide their details.

  • Derbys Shoes

These shoes are quite similar to that of the Oxfords. But, like Oxford’s these shoes do not have any closed lace. This is why the Derbys are more efficient at providing a relaxed feel for anyone who wears it. Much of the designs and comfort depend upon the shape of toes, sleekness, and decorative detail of the shoe. You can team up these shoes with formal pants.

  • Cap Toes Shoes

There has to be one of the most elegant and gentleman’s shoe there is. These are completely evergreen shoes. The added hint on the toe which is precisely put together with a stitching design. If you have a tailored suit that you need to pair up with a formal shoe then this can be a perfect choice. They look perfect with pin straps as well.

  • Semi-Formal Shoes –

When it comes to semi-formal shoes the variety ranges between monk strap shoes, loafers, and brogues. These can be a perfect choice to wear to a party or the office.

  • Monk Straps

These shoes do not come with laces, and you can simply wear them as a slip-on. The one thing that makes these shoes unique is the metal buckle and straps that are put on the top of the shoe. These have two types when it comes to the toes design, one kind comes in pointed shoes and the other one comes with a square toe. You can wear this with a shirt and suits for any corporate event.

  • Dress Boots

These too do not come with any laces and these can be the perfect day wear shoes. If you are looking for a pair of formal shoes for the daytime then this is it. You can easily wear these shoes with any color of pants and a stunning jacket. These need to be on the top of your priority list and are perfect for afternoon meetings or events.

  • Loafers –

If you do not like laces and metal buckles then this is the type of formal shoe that you would like to go for. But to make them a truly formal shoe you need to make sure that your outfit is incredibly formal. They come in a sleeker shape and the material looks extremely polished. They do not have added features like stitching and overlays.

  • Fitting Your Foot

Now that you know which shoe you are going to get, let’s now get to know how you are going to measure your shoe size. No matter how amazing the shoe looks or how aesthetically you team it up with your outfit, if it doesn’t fit it will not look good. Here’s how you can make sure that your Saddle Barnes shoe fits –

  • Assess your Walk –

If you can comfortably and naturally walk with the shoes on, then you must know that it may be the perfect choice for you.

  • Check the Pressure on Your Shoes –

A shoe that fits properly on your feet will not out excess pressure on your feet. The perfect pair of shoes will not put much pressure on the pressure points of your feet. You can walk around with the shoes on to measure the pressure on them.

  • Put them on With Socks –

When you are checking whether the shoe fits your feet or not, you need to make sure that you try them on while you are wearing your socks, because, in reality, you will be wearing them with socks on.

  • Move Your Toe to Test Your Feet –

Another best tip to keep in mind while checking for fittings in your shoe is to move your toes. You can go for broad feet shoes that will give your toes ample space to move. The perfect fit is when there is an inch gap between your big toe and the shoe box.    

  • Choose the Leather Carefully –

The quality of the leather speaks volumes about the quality of your shoe. Thus, you would have to check what kind of leather you are being offered before you purchase the shoe –

  • Quality –

When you touch a good quality leather it will be firm and supple.

  • Defects –

Make sure that there are absolutely no defects in the shoe, look for scars, and blemishes on the shoe.

  • Material –

You would get formal shoes for men in leather and suede. You do not have to worry if it is suede, as it is a sort of leather.

  • Smell –

Test the leather by how it smells. The polish smell of shoes come from a well treated and well-manufactured shoe. If it smells like plastic, that means it is not of good quality.

  • Stitching –

The stitching of a good quality shoe will always look neat.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. How can I choose formal shoes?

You can go for details or you can choose normal shoes without any details or laces whatsoever. You can also add buckles that are found in semi-formal shoes.

2. What is the best material for shoes?

Leather and suede are known to be the best material for formal shoes. It will depend on you on what shoe you are choosing.

3. How to know which shoe will be comfortable?

It may seem like a very tricky question but it is not. You just need to find a shoe that fits you perfectly, this means you have ample space to move around your toes.

With this guide, you will be well off to buy a shoe of your choice and preference. Just make sure that you consider all the above points and make the right decision. You can show them off at any party or any meeting. Go for the formal ones when heading for a meeting and the semi-formal ones when heading towards a party. it is not about just the look or style but comfort is also the main concern. Make sure that they are comfortable enough so that you can be confident while wearing them.

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