Best Sports Shoes under 2000 in India

 Most fitness freaks tend to have a love-hate relationship with their sports shoes. They are made in a way that provides proper cushioning which gives you a perfect grip. These shoes come with a quality designed sole that will also give you good support during workouts. But there are some affordable running shoes in the market that won’t compromise the quality and make your running experience better.

Best Sports Shoes under 2000

And in this post, we have listed some of the best running shoes that deliver outstanding performance while being budget-friendly. Here are some of them that are worthy of buying. So before even considering buying those ordinary cheap quality shoes, have a look at these options. 

1) Adidas Men's Drogo M

Adidas Men Drogo M Running Shoes

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Adidas Men’s Drogo M running shoes are one of the most selling shoes under Rs.2000.It is a premium quality shoe with a stylish design that makes it a perfect choice for running and workouts. This shoe is made up of a premium quality breathable mesh for ventilation purposes and its sole is designed with pure rubber which makes it lightweight in nature.

It doesn’t get any flex marks on the mesh and the sole while performing the flexing exercises. Also, you will not feel any pain while running or during P.H.E. This Shoe is very comfortable to wear and provides traction to the surface. Also, its trendy stylish look gives your personality an extra charm when you pair it with casual dresses. 


  • It comes with laces as closure
  • It is very flexible when it comes to workouts
  • The shoe is made up of better quality mesh material
  • It has a decent fit 
  • Shoe regains its natural shape
  • Ultra-lightweight that makes it perfect for exercising.


  • It’s not waterproof
  • Not suitable for muddy roads

2) Reebok Men's Repechage Running

Reebok Men Repechage Collegiate Navy/Green Running Shoes-6 UK (DV8414)

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Reebok is a well-known brand in the sports shoe industry and their Reebok Men’s repechage running shoes proves why they are the best. This shoe is made up of premium quality mesh and specially engineered with twist form tooling streamlines. It has transitional wave designs on its sole that makes it one of the stylish shoes on this list. The main thing that makes this shoe worth considering is its lightweight design that comes with a very soft insole and upper mesh that’s breathable in nature.

Its insole is covered with cushions that give comfort and the outsole has a non-slippery grip for better traction to the surface. But this shoe is not recommended or a long run or any hard workouts. As it’s not waterproof, it can soak water when running on any wet surface.


  • This shoe is best suited for running and workouts
  • It has a comfortable fit
  • It can retain its original shape
  • Made of premium quality mesh material


  • The design is not suitable for people who love clean shoes


When it comes to buying a branded sports shoe, Puma comes first in our minds. Right now Puma is one of the leading sports accessories brands. And you can expect no less than the high-quality performance from Puma men’s sidewalk idp running shoes

This shoe is designed with a premium quality breathable mesh and a rubber outsole. Its insole is soft and cushioned. This shoe has a lace-up closure and the flat heel of this shoe makes it flexible from the forefoot. It is lightweight and has a comfortable fit that avoids any kind of injury or damage. It’s a good choice for men who want to buy the best show under Rs.2000. 


  • It is a lightweight shoe
  • Soft cushioned insoles 
  • It is very flexible for running and workouts
  • It has a perfect grip
  • Also can be worn on casual clothing
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty


  • Less sturdy

4) Reebok Men's Energy Runner

Reebok Men Energy Runner Lp Awesome Blue/Coll Navy Running Shoes-9 UK (43 EU) (10 US) (FW1936)

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Reebok Men’s Energy Runners are another prestigious crown of Reebok households. This shoe has a stylish design and is made of high-quality mesh material that’s breathable in nature for proper ventilation. It has soft cushioning insoles providing ample comfort around the ankle, and your heels avoiding any accidents that might lead to a massive injury. Soles of this shoe have a zig-zag pattern that absorbs the impact of your heel strike.

It has a perfect fitting that helps you with the gripping and retains its original shape. So if you’re a Reebok fan who is in search of shoes that are very comfortable and can be used roughly then this might be the best choice for you since it is budget-friendly.


  • It has a  classic sporty look
  • It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • You can wear them with casual clothes too
  • It’s worthy of owning
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • There are no color options available 

5) Adidas Men's Adispree M

Adidas Men's Adispree M Black, Metsil and Energy Running Shoes - 7 UK/India (40.67 EU) (BI2806)

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Adidas is a well-known brand all over the world for its high-quality yet affordable shoes and Adidas Men’s Adispree M Running Shoes are one of its best products that are specially made for sports and fitness freaks. This shoe has a stylish design and is available in three different colors. They have a dual-layered upper mesh material that is breathable for proper ventilation.

Its lace-up closure gives you a comfortable fit. It is deodorizing and has the ability to retain its original shape after flexing. The bottom sole of this shoe is very flexible and has a soft comfy cushioning that provides great traction to the surface. It gives you durable performance and its lightweight design makes it perfect for exercises and workouts. 


  • It has a perfect fit
  • It’s built with the best quality
  • It has a premium quality design
  • It is very flexible and made for sports.


  • The fit is not stable

6) Lotto Men's Sport Running

Lotto Men's Highrun Navy/Sport Blue Running Shoes-7 UK/India (41 EU) (AR4856-444)

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Lotto Men’s Sports Running Shoes are professionally designed sports shoes that are made for fitness lovers. It is a very stylish shoe that gives out a sporty look. It’s made with high-quality material that makes it a durable shoe. Its upper part is made with mesh and outsoles have synthetic rubber. It is lightweight in nature and an ideal choice for heavy workouts, long-running, and outdoor sports.

The soles have a gripping design and are flexible for running even on wet surfaces very smoothly.  Also, it has a lace-up closure and cushioned insoles that ensure a comfortable fit and help you perform all kinds of activities comfortably. So if you’re a runner or sportsman then these shoes are just for you.


  • It is very comfortable to wear
  • Comes in different colors
  • It is durable
  • Has soft and comfortable soles
  • You can wear it even with casuals


  • Some buyers experienced size errors

7) Nike Men's Downshifter 6

Nike Men's Downshifter 6 MSL Running Shoes

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Nike is one of the leading brands in sports apparel manufacturer and has made its name in the industry from sportswear to shoes and Nike Downshifter 6 Men Running shoes are its pride. These shoes deliver superior performance and high durability. It is made up of high-quality mesh and has lace-up closures. It has an overlay of artificial leather that will provide you with comfort and excellent elasticity.

It has no flex marks and you can use them for heavy workouts. It comes with a shoe bag that you can use to prevent shoes from dirt or stains. Also, its high retention helps it to regain its original shape quickly. So, If you’re looking for a shoe that is durable yet looks stylish and very comfortable to wear, Nike’s Downshifter 6 Leather is the option for you.


  • It is very comfortable to wear
  • It has a stylish design
  • Very durable
  • Prevent from stein and mildew
  • Soft and comfortable insoles


  • Slightly pricey

8) Puma Men's Lazer Evo

Puma Men Lazer Evo IDP Blue Closed Shoe-7 UK (40.5 EU) (8 US) (37189603_a)

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Puma Men’s Lazer Evo shoe is a beautifully designed shoe that will help you complete your morning workouts more efficiently. It is made up of breathable upper mesh and its insoles have soft cushions. Its Outsole design looks attractive with the patterned flexible rubber. It’s so lightweight that it’s the right pair of shoes that you can use for running purposes without feeling uncomfortable or bulky.

It has perfect fitting which will help you in gripping and flexible workouts. The shoe’s rubber is better for traction even on wet surfaces. Also, it can retain its shape very easily to its original shape after flex movements. Thanks to its design, you can also wear this shoe with casuals very easily. 


  • This shoe is very comfortable to wear
  • It is very lightweight and has a great fitting
  • Comes in attractive colors
  • It has a flawless design


  • Few sizes are available

9) Reebok Men's Tread Revolution

Reebok Men's JUNG 21 W Black None Running Shoes-9 US (FW1945)

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Here is another of Reebok’s best collection of shoes. Reebok Men’s Tread Running Shoes are one of the best running shoes available in the market that is made especially for running, exercising, and high-intensity workouts.  This shoe is designed with premium quality synthetic mesh material that enhances the durability and gripping of the shoe. Its rubber outsole reduces traction and stability to the surface while running.

The shoe’s Lace-up closure gives you an ideal fitting. It has a soft cushioned footbed that offers ample cushioning and safety against any accidents that might lead to a major injury. Although Reebok’s shoes come at expensive prices, you can avail of this shoe at a very affordable price range.


  • Lightweight in nature
  • It is deodorizing and absorbs sweat
  • You can use it for running as well as for casual use
  • It has a perfect fitting and comfortable to wear
  • Provides a soft cushion for long runs.


  • It is not made for a dusty environment

10) Campus Men's Running

Campus Men's NASA Maroon Running Sport Shoe-8 UK/India (42 EU) (5G-546)

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If you’re looking for stylish running shoes then Campus Men’s Running Shoes are a better choice for you. It is a good pair of shoes that are perfect for beginners as well as pros! It has a well-cushioned footbed that gives you comfort and customized support to your feet and ankles. Its most unique feature is the shock absorption and a textured grip that gives a good grip while exercising, workouts, or long runs.

It has a lace-up closure with ideal fitting. It is very lightweight and is a perfect choice for people who are into high-intensity training. Its stylishness gives it the advantage to wear it with casuals or during some occasions along with sports.


  • It is  a lightweight shoe
  • Has a  phylon sole
  • You can use them for high-intensity workouts
  • It can retain its original shape
  • It’s a perfect pair with any casuals


  • Average designing

Buying Guide for Best Sports Shoes under 2000 

1- Shoe Cushioning

Cushioning in a shoe is property to absorb the part of the impact. The amount varies according to the shoe types. Not every shoe comes with the same amount of cushioning; most of the shoes just have thick soles. In general, cushioned shoes are mostly recommended for long runners and athletes who go through intense workout sessions.

Cushioning provides more shock absorption ability but also they weigh a bit more. It provides comfort to the foot and ankles and prevents any possible accidents.

The shoes with less cushioning are the exact opposite of these. They provide less protection and also weigh less. But less cushioned shoes are made for efficient runners who use it for races and during training days.

Types of Cushioning

There are mainly 2 types of cushioning. They are:

  • Plush Cushioning

This type of cushioning provides comfortability while running and workouts but it doesn’t go that fast. As the shoes absorb the shock of the impact that you exert on the ground with the steps. 

  • Responsive Cushioning

This works exactly the opposite of plush cushioning. You can absolutely go faster with this shoe cushioning. If we take running on wet sand as an example then the impact will be harder and you can move fastly as well.

2- Outsole

The outsole is one main aspect to look for in a shoe. It is what meets the track or the roads while running. It is made of a variety of rubber and foams to increase the shoe’s life, increase flexibility, and enhance the bounce.

One thing you should notice about outsoles is that the material it’s made of will provide enough traction and durability while remaining lightweight and stiff or not. Make sure it gives you the desired stability.

3- Saddle

The saddle is the area around the instep (arch of the foot) that interacts with the laces to hold the shoe tight on the foot. Over the years, the designers have upgraded a variety of eyelets and lacing systems to make the saddle comfortable and closer to the foot shape. 

Whenever you buy a shoe, pay close attention to the saddle fitting. Also, check if it is providing a comfortable fitting without being slippery. 

4- Ankle Collar

The ankle collar is the wrapping that is at the top of the shoe opening that holds the heel in place. They are usually made of thick padding but a few companies rely on the shape of the shoe instead of thickness. One thing to notice about this is the heel slips and how padding interacts with your ankle bones. 

5- The upper

The upper is anything that is above the sole. They are generally made of many layers of fabric and good mesh material. Years back they used to glue them together but now they use knitting or printing to create an upper in a single piece for proper stretch and support. An upper should be smooth and shaped just like your foot while not binding anywhere.

6- Midsole

The foam used between the outsole and the upper helps the runner from impact forces. And this is called the midsole.

In shoe features, look for the midsole thickness and the material used. It should be suitable for running purposes and neither should be soft or hard and it must be lightweight in nature.

7- Heel Cushions

As mentioned, cushioning is a very important aspect of any sports shoe. Even though there are lots of benefits of heel cushioning, many shoe companies offer a feature called ‘crush pads’ instead of using a variety of cushioning materials which helps in smooth landing.

Cushioning is just a matter of comfort. The main thing to look about cushioning here is that it should provide stability and a better ground feel. 

8- Stabilizing Features

Shoe designers tend to use many technologies such as dual density foams, medial posts, and various wedges to keep the foot from rolling inwards. The more control and stability runners have with the shoe, the more it will help them to maintain the desired movement track.

A good shoe must offer overpronation, motion control, and pronation features. Also, they must allow you to move very comfortably through the stride while providing support and stability.

9- Flex Grooves

You need shoes that can bend while you’re running or working out for more flexibility reasons. That’s when flex grooves and toe springs come into action. This allows your foot to roll through the stride. Although for some people, this may not seem that important feature but its mechanics will give you a different feel. You can get an extended amount of stretch with flex grooves. 

When you look for a shoe, get a close eye at the way your foot wants to move and at what pace you are going to use those shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does a sports shoe prevent me from injuries?

A good running shoe will have features like shock absorption, good traction, ankle support, and arch support. These shoes don’t necessarily prevent you from injuries but give you more comfortability to stay stable and on track making, you avoid falling.

Most of the mechanics used in a sports shoe claim to avoid any possible accidents that might lead to major injuries. But it’s more about the technique and the shoe. Once you start feeling uncomfortable with the shoe, it’s time to buy a new pair. 

Should I wear racing flats for speedwork?

A lower-heeled, thin, breathable, and little outsole tread racing flats will give you everything that you need for a race day. This is more comfortable than regular shoes. And coming back to your question-

No, you don’t necessarily need a flat for long-distance runs or a marathon.  Even a regular lightweight trainer will serve you fine. But a racing flat will give you more stability.

When is it the time for my running shoes to retire?

It depends on how you use it. For example, if you land hard on the stride with each step then your shoes are going to wear more quickly. Also keeping track of the mileage you run will help you determine it. Usually, they say, 400-500 miles is the range where you will start feeling uncomfortable with the shoes as they start wearing and tearing at that point.

If you start feeling leg pain after a run and your shoe isn’t providing you adequate protection then consider its time to change them.


If you want to be an expert runner, sportsperson, or just love working out or exercising then you need to have the right kit for it. Because with the right kit you can do your activities very comfortably and it will prevent you from any possible accidents that might lead to major injuries. 

So, considering this factor, this article was written with extensive research on the topic of best Sports shoes for men under Rs.2000. All these companies are very popular and offer one of the best quality shoes with more durability, flexibility, appearance, feel, and breathability.

Go through the buying guide to see all the options available in the market and your expectations regarding a sports shoe. With this, we conclude our topics and we hope that this article helped you in choosing your best shoes that meet all your needs.

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