Best Sports Shoes Under 500 For Playground

Shoes have always been an essential item in the wardrobe of any man. With the minimal availability of fashion products for a man in this world, shoes are the expensive buys. Amazingly there’s just not a single category of shoes available for men but there are multiple types of shoes that a man can wear. Be it casual, formal, jogging, football, or running shoes.

There’s just much more beyond to dwell in the category of shoes. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best sports shoes available in the market for under five hundred rupees. Yes! You heard it right. To know about these affordable and durable shoes read this quick guide and get one for you. Our guide will not just tell you about the best pair of sports shoes but will assist you in determining how to pick the right pair of them in the world of varied shoes. 

Best Sports Shoes Under 500

1) Lancer Men's Running Shoes

Lancer Men's Lightgrey-RoyalBlue Shoes-6 UK (INDUS-26)

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You must have heard about the brand Lancer. It might not be a renowned one but it’s a fact that their products are extremely durable and affordable. Their shoes also go with the trend thus you don’t have to worry about the modern pair of shoes. Their running shoes are extremely quintessential in everyone’s apparel. This brand is known for its trendy sports shoes specifically. These shoes are lightweight. The material used to manufacture the shoe is mesh and this material brings great convenience to your legs as it is breathable.

The shoe has a detachable sock liner which is quite livable. Its pull ring heel is constructed in a way where wearing and removing the shoe is extremely effortless. This shoe feels featherless when worn. The toe style of this shoe is round with lace-up. The company gives fifteen days of warranty on this product from the date of purchase. This shoe comes in three different colors. 


  • Premium quality mesh material
  • Thick yet comfortable sole
  • Good designing


  • Limited color range 

2) TYING Men's 9273 Black Casual Sports

TYING Men's 9273 Black Casual Sports Running Shoes 8 UK

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TYING Men’s 9273 is a well-known brand we’re all aware of. This company produces a wide range of shoes. Their shoes are under a decent price range and can be afforded by anyone. This running shoe has a closure of lace on the upper side which makes it look incredibly smart. The shoe height is neither high nor low, it’s on a decent medium note. The sole material of this shoe is a Polyvinyl Chloride and the outer layers are made out of mesh.

This material not just looks fancy but also does a good job of providing comfort to your legs. These pairs of shoes are perfect for your workout sessions. This one, in particular, comes in black color only but you get some good color range from  TYING which you can try on. 


  • This shoe fits perfectly
  • It is feather weighted 
  • Decent build


  • The shoe is not wide enough and that may hurt your legs. 
  • It is light weighted but not super comfortable

3) ASIAN Men's Bullet-02

ASIAN Men's Bullet-02 Grey Black Walking,Sports,Gym,Running Shoes UK-6

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Asian is a brand that works on a small-scale basis but the products, majorly shoes it produces are marvelous for its quality and price range. The material used for the outer layer is mesh. This fabric lets your legs breathe and also prevents them from sweating. However, there are certain steps to be taken to keep it hygienic and clean. The company suggests using these pairs of shoes on the alternative days so that it deodorizes itself. These shoes are the perfect pick for your daily running, gymming, walking.

They are also suitable for your sports mode. These shoes are lighter than any other shoes which fall under this category. You get three different colors in these shoes which are grey-blue, plain grey, and grey-black. Its air cushion technology makes it unique from any other shoe. 


  • It contains a special cushion that gives your foot extreme comfort.
  • These shoes can complement all your attire
  • The build is good


  • These can easily get nasty as they come in light shades only

4) Bourge Men's Loire-289 Running Shoes

Bourge Men Loire-Z167 Grey and White Running Shoes-7 UK (41 EU) (8 US) (Loire-289-07)

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Bourge is one of the top leading brands which manufactures a variety of shoes right from casual wear to sportswear. This brand offers sports energized lifestyle products. Brogue shoes are exceptional when it comes to technology-based features. Its shoes are born to offer great convenience, durability, and style. Their running shoes are incredibly awesome. Its back sole offers suppressed comfort while you jog, run, walk in an extreme playing situation. The foam put inside the shoe is what plays a vital role in giving proper relaxation.

The width of these shoes is medium. It has a round toe style and is a lace-up shoe. Wearing and removing them is exceptionally easy. The company offers three months of warranty on these shoes. These shoes weigh less than eight hundred grams so you can imagine how open your legs can feel in it. The shoe comes in grey combination with black color only. 


  • It’s a perfect shoe for running. 
  • Value for the money paid
  • You get sixty days of warranty


  • They can turn soggy during rain. 
  • Can’t be used as running shoes

5) Nivia Premier Carbonite Orange

Nivia Premier Carbonite Orange Football Studs - UK 10

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Nivia Premier is a top player as a manufacturer of shoes. They have their hands in curating some of the top football shoes. These shoes are not just modern with unique structure but also durable and worth the money you pay. Their shoe range starts from four hundred and goes on. Nivia Premier Carbonite has a great hold on grip and resilience while you play your game right.

These shoes can also be utilized for your routine practice sessions. It has a PVC outer sole and nonwoven sole inside which helps you play on hard ground and synthetic turf. The PVC leather fabric keeps your shoe water-resistant. You will also find a nonwoven insole board inside the shoe. The construction of this shoe is top-notch. These shoes come in various color combinations at different prices. 


  • The spikes give you a tight grip
  • Multiple colors available
  • Top sports shoes manufacturing brand


  • The sole is not extremely durable 

6) Vector X Chaser-II Football Shoes

Vector X Chaser-II Football Shoes (Size-6)

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Vector is a time-honored sports brand known for its shoe manufacturing. This brand deals in Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis accessories. These shoes are a perfect fit for all sizes. They’re extremely useful for indoor football. The studs in the shoes are made up of plastic which helps in foot holding and giving grip on uneven and slippery fields. A narrow gap in front of any shoes results in shoe bites and irritations. But this shoe toe cap is uniquely designed to make sure your hard play doesn’t turn painful.

The inner sole is made up of soft pads which ensures convenience and increases your speed considerably. These shoes are not just great with the features but are also attractive. The lace on this shoe is arranged in a simple manner. Not just this, there’s a wide range of collections this brand offers.


  • The shoe pads are extremely soft and comfortable
  • The shoe is water-resistant 
  • Has a unique, modern, and stylish design


  • Can’t be worn on a concrete field.
  • Has plastic studs. 

7) Early Fashion Men's Sports Shoes

EARLY FASHION Men's Black Yllw Mesh Lace up Sport Shoe 6 UK

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Early Fashion might not be a popular brand but their products are perfect for their pricing and durability. Their production of shoes goes perfectly with the trend as well as comfort. The sole of these shoes is an air mix. The width of the shoe is neither small nor huge but normal which offers you great solace. These shoes can go with all your attire and give you a vogue look.

They are extraordinarily lightweight and strong. These shoes arrive in a dust bag which prevents it from getting dirty and muddy. The company also provides seven days of warranty on this shoe from the date of purchase. You can find them in various color combinations.


  • Reasonable for the quality
  • Is durable and comfortable 


  • The shoe looks more like a copied product than an original look

8) Vector X Blast Shoes

Vector X Blast Cricket Shoes, Men's UK 8 (White/Black)

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Vector X is a known brand and an established one in the field of shoe manufacturing. Vector X shoes are designed with keeping the present days in mind. Along with complete style and comfort. This brand has provided thousands of sports products in the sports world and these products are also enjoyed by multiple sports celebrities. Vector X Blast is the perfect cricket shoe for cricket lovers at a reasonable rate. The outer part of this shoe is made out of PU leather.

The footbed of this shoe has a soft and cushy cushion which assures you great convenience and relief even when you’re in a hard play. The rubber studs on it are perfect for your tough game. The shoe has a textured sole which enables you to have a proper grip on any cricket ground. This shoe particularly comes in white color only but you have different options available as a whole. 


  • The shoe is from a reputed brand 
  • Has comfortable cushion in the foot head 


  • Quality is not extremely good when compared to other models and brands. 

9) KingKarlos Sports Men's Ultra

KingKarlos Sports Men's Ultra Lite Mesh Black Casual Sports Shoes for Men's

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KingsKarlos is a well-known brand in the footwear industry. This brand is the best pick when the talk is about casual yet sports shoes. This brand knows how to keep its customers happy, comfortable, and provides great relief. The ultra mesh men’s shoes from the company is a classic piece for you to buy as it’s just not stylish but can also be worn during your sports events.

The classy design makes it look casual but the material used ensures you great comfort during your game. These are slip-on shoes and its sole is made up of ultra-slim rubber helps in targeting traction. These shoes are best for your road racing or on your track and also for your workouts. The outer material of it is made up of mesh which ensures no sweat on your foot. 


  • It’s a multipurpose shoe and can be used for walking, casually, in your gym, parties, and running.
  • The shoes are extremely lightweight


  • No color option availability 

10) TRASE Relax Men's Running Shoes

TRASE Men's Grey & Orange Running Shoe - 8 UK

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Trase is a great brand if you’re looking for some good affordable shoes in the market. Their shoes are perfect for all your sports needs and practices. Trase Relax is one of the best ones. This shoe is developed to accept all the dusky mud outside. This shoe can just be felt like the second skin on your body as they are extremely lightweight and livable. These shoes come with lace adjustments and can be tightened as per your needs.

These are perfect for someone who looks towards balancing, flexibility, and cushioning. Trase relax is not only meant for your running but can also be worn as a casual pair for your usual outing or parties. Right from the tracksuits to your jeans, they match it all. The best part is you get great color options on these. The company also offers a thirty days return policy on these. 



  • The quality might vary with the prices in the market
  • Trase is not a popular brand to look for if you’re a brand conscious person.

Buyers Guide 

Apart from being fit for all your sports play, one also needs to ensure good health and utilization of proper fitness gear. Just the same way, the right pair of shoes is extremely important for your prosperous play. It also saves you from facing severe injuries and discomfort. Buying the right choice of shoes plays a crucial role.

So, if you’re confused about what has to be looked for in ideal shoes then here it is. This guide will tell you all about the perfect shoe.

Types of Shoes 

The category of shoes is diversified into various niches. Here are some of the usual types of shoes people prefer. 

1- Running shoes

As the name suggests these shoes are specifically for runners. These shoes create a major impact on your jogging and running. 

  • A good running shoe can have the best combination of mesh and synthetic leather that offers breathability and durability.
  • Check for a shoe that has a variable lace system that offers a perfect fit and a sustainable heel counter. 
  • Good reflective material of a shoe is an amazing thing to look for as it helps you for a proper run during nighttime. 
  • A removable insole will help you keep the shoes neat and clean.

2- Walking shoes: 

Walking sports shoes are perfect for people who prefer walking. 

  • The three main factors of a good walking shoe are flexibility, stability, and comfort. 
  • A good walking shoe must-have padding and contours close to your feet. 
  • The spot which holds the heels in the back should be comfortable and not tight. Look for a shoe that has a decent heel counter.
  • The place which is in between the fabric on the top and the thread is the midsole which has to be flexible and support. 

3- Tennis Shoes:

Tennis is a sport with a lot of play, pause, and stops, so it’s essential to determine every need of yours as a player. 

  • Your playing style talks a lot about what sort of shoe you should be looking for.
  • If you’re a baseline player check for shows which give you good lateral support. Since you need to be in a lateral motion all the time, look for shoes that have a durable sole.
  • If you’re a server or a volley player check for a shoe that has a great toe cap and medial in the inner side of the arch.
  • The court you play on matters if it’s a hard court look for shoes that offer a more resilient and supportive upper sole. 
  • If it’s clay or soft court check for shoes that offer nonadverse traction. 
  • If it’s a multi-court check for shoes that are adaptable to all sorts of surfaces. 

4- Football Shoes

  • It’s a universal fact that a good football shoe requires a good grip.
  • Check for a shoe which is a duo of mesh and synthetic fiber this will ensure breathability. 
  • If the show has straps you can consider it as an additional feature.
  • Check for a shoe with padded ankle collars.
  • If the insoles are removable it can be a plus point as it offers you ease in cleaning the shoes. 

5- Basketball Shoes:

  • Check for the shoes which have a thick and hard sole, this ensures stability in the court.
  • If you’re a guarding player check for a shoe that offers good support to your ankle as well as flexibility.
  • If you play in the forward check for shoes that weigh extra, have high coverage and support. As a forward requires great strength and power. 
  • If you’re an all-rounder player, find a mid-top shoe that offers good ankle support but also gives your leg the freedom to move. This is extremely essential for a hybrid basketball player. 

6- Cricket Shoes

  • Check for shoes that have a promising quality upper material. Polyethene or Synthetic material or microfibers can be the great ones as these are light weighted and durable.
  • Cricket is an outdoor sport that can be prone to heat as well as water. So check for shoes that have good upper material and can sustain water. 
  • Good cushions play an essential role in cricket shoes. High degree cushion in the middle and upper sole is very important as a cricket player needs to be in action all the time. 
  • The field at times is extremely soapy and it can be hard for a fielder and a bowler to do his job so check for a shoe which has spikes. 
  • For an all-rounder player, rubber studded shoes are the best. As it provides amazing grip, durability, and flexibility.

7- Aerobic shoes: 

Aerobic shoes are used by athletes for their practices. Therefore here are few things to look into in aerobic shoes. 

  • Check for a shoe which has a carbon rubber outsole, this ensures great durability and traction. 
  • Check if the midsole of the shoe has foam layers as it ensures stability, moderation, and maintenance. 
  • Let the upper part of the shoe be of plastic and synthetic leather, this gives a modern look to your shoe. 

Factors to Consider

Store Selection

If buying offline, it’s always the right choice to visit a small or specific store that has a specific category of shoes you’re looking for rather than going to a departmental store. 


While trying on a new pair of shoes make sure that you wear your regular socks. This will help you realize if the shoes are comfortable to wear on daily basis. 

Tip of the Shoes

Check for the shoes which give enough space to your toes, so they can move freely without any discomfort. 

The Top Curve of the Shoe

Make sure that you look for a shoe that has a thumb-sized distance between your toe and the top of the shoe. 

The Heel of the Shoe

If the heel of your shoe is extremely rigid and tight then check out for something else as this might discomfort your legs and cause pain in them. Also, ensure that the heels are of medium length. 

Flex Point

It’s extremely important to test the flexibility of a shoe while trying it. This gives you an idea of the comfort and freedom your foot will have while your game is on. You can check the flexibility of the show by holding it upside down and holding it towards the floor and bending it. 

Arch Type

Your arch plays a vital role while determining the right pair of shoes. If you’re a person who has a flat arch then you need to look for shoes with support and stability. If you’re a person with a high arch then look for a curved shoe.


Sport shoe manufacturers these days use different tactics to fascinate buyers. If you’re looking for a sports shoe then strictly buy one which matches the necessities a sports person looks for. Please avoid buying fancy pairs of shoes. 

Avoid Gimmicks

Try not falling into the trap of ‘special features’. Multiple buyers fall for such advertisements. Features like cushions with shock absorption, weight losing shoes are just erroneous. There’s absolutely no difference between the regular shoes and these. 

Return Policy

Check for shoes and stores that offer a return policy. Nobody can afford to waste their hard-earned money on something that turns out to be disappointing. So just in case, you’re not satisfied with the buy, you can get it exchanged. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of shoes does an athletic personality wear? 

An athletic personality can opt for cross runners, court shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes, and so on. 

Is it possible to wash our sports shoes completely? 

Well, washing sports shoes is not a good option as it can damage the adhesives and fabric. 

How can I clean my sports shoes? 

You can take off the lace, insole, and put them in a cloth bag or pillow over. Post that you can put them in the washing machine. 

Which type of shoes can be used as an alternative for running shoes?

You can use your tennis shoes as a substitute. These won’t help you with wonderful running but will surely save you from a lot of injuries. 

Can I purchase a shoe that’s a little big for me? 

Well, we would suggest you buy a pair of shoe which is neither huge nor small and fits perfectly and comfortably to your foot. 

Which is a decent local brand for sports shoes?

According to us, it’s Sparx. This is a great local brand to opt for. 

How much can I run wearing sports shoes? 

If it’s a running shoe, you can run for 500 to 700 miles and change your shoes. 

Can I use my running shoes for walking? 

Typically a running shoe has excess cushioning than a normal walking shoe. These running shoes might make your feet hot.


So here we come to the end of this article. By now, you must know the most about shoes, their types, styles and so much more. We’re sure our scrutinized buying guide has definitely got you stress-free. So this time when you go out to buy your pair of shoes, make sure you keep our talks in mind, and we promise you’ll never be disappointed. Go on and get your perfect shoe.

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